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Make May Amazing + this month’s challenge!

I can’t believe it’s May already! So many exciting things on the way: Cinco de Drinko Mayo and Meg and Kyle’s wedding! I’ve been picturing Livi on the dance floor for at least 8 months now, and it’s finally almost here. Any tips for avoiding the dinosaur cry while I watch the ceremony? I’m going…

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Make it Happen March workout plan

Spring is in the aiiiirr… Along with it: picnics, hikes (without being chilly!), wine on the balcony, dresses… I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’m also excited for another month to start fresh, kill it in the gym and build on from my Winter Shape Up results- hope you feel the same way!…

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Protein pancakes for the week

I feel like we ate a very grown-up little kid dinner last night: Maybe the ketchup is what takes it over the edge. My new kale salad obsession (which is a post in itself- see the jalapeño?!), butternut squash with ketchup and chicken sausage. (+ wine while I watched Girls, which was just as quirky,…

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September HIIT IT Workout

Can you believe it’s September already?! (turning leaves or bad watering job? I’m gonna go ahead and guess the latter) While it’s definitely bittersweet to see summer ending as fall begins -even though Fall doesn’t reallllly start in Tucson until at least Halloween- September always makes me think of football games, apple recipes, jeans and……

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For the treadmill gold

My medal: a blanket of sweat.  Since it rained on my training run parade, I set out to do 5 miles on the revolving apparatus of death (aka treadmill) last night. Since I usually just do HIIT on the treadmill now, I don’t hate it quite like I used to (I just get so bored!),…

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Make it happen

Hey! How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? We had an awesome, restful and low-key weekend over here. Yesterday, the Pilot told me to go get a massage (twist my arm, eh?) and it was probably the best I’ve ever  had- my hair is still greasy from the oils, haha. After my experience with prenatal…

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