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The leaf + Schweaty August Workout

After breakfast, I love to read to Liv in the morning. It had been a while since I’d read the hungry caterpillar and I thought it was pretty funny that after gorging himself with treats, Source all he wanted was a nice big leaf- that made him feel much better. It’s funny that they teach…

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Schweaty July Workout + Motivational reads

Hi friends! Happy Monday <3 Before I get into my near-death experience story (not really, but still super creepy), here’s a Schweaty July Workout for ya. This is part of the July Workout Calendar, so feel free to hop in and join in as much as you’d like over the next month. I’ll be providing…

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Schweaty May Workout

Thursday! Almost the weekend, night of our work dance recital and the Pilot’s last workday before his long weekend – I’m a fan of that 🙂 I don’t have anything to exciting to show you on the food front, besides the things I didn’t make: (Stevia sparkling lemonade! So refreshing… I can’t wait to make…

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Schweaty March Workout

Like many people, I tend to go through workout phases- find something new, love it, keep it up for a while, and then go back to the old standards. BodyPump comes to mind 😉 With all of the things I’ve tried, there have been 3 workout constants in my life: Zumba, yoga and weight lifting/gym…

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