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Halloween Craft for Toddlers

Livi and I got a little stir crazy the other day. It’s a teething week, but the kind where you can’t help but wonder if a little cold is along with it -runny nose, a little crank- so we stayed home from our Tuesday playdates. I was trying to think of something fun but low-key…

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DIY Toddler Valentines

It’s no coincidence that I suddenly became more crafty as Pinterest became more popular. I’m crafty. Someone else just needs to be crafty first and post their idea online 😉 So for that sake, I’m not going to even try to pretend I came up with this toddler valentine on my own –the original post…

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DIY Felt Christmas Tree

“One hot glue gun does not a crafty Gina make.”  I would be lying if I said that crafts didn’t intimidate me. Whenever I get the urge to DIY, the Pinterest feed instantly streams into my brain. Before you know it, I’m doubting and wah-wah-ing myself, when I remember that “if you run, you’re a…

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