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Hi friends! How’s the day treating ya? I’m so happy to hear you liked the Knockout November workout! I got in two rounds today + 3 sets of heavy barbell squats.  Anyone else moving a liiiiittle slowly after Halloween?? I had to wake Liv up for school! P on the other hand is still partying…

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Happy Halloween!!

Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back TONIGHT with your November Knockout workout (so those who are doing the 7-day Reset can hit it hard tomorrow!) but in the meantime, I wanted to wish you a very happy and safe Halloween. May it be filled with allthechocolate, cocktails and merriment.…

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HallowLEAN workout

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your wonderful comments and excitement about the new ebook. It was so amazing to hear some of you say you enjoyed a new recipe for dinner last night. <3 We wanted to make this as valuable as possible, but also…

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Halloween Craft for Toddlers

Livi and I got a little stir crazy the other day. It’s a teething week, but the kind where you can’t help but wonder if a little cold is along with it -runny nose, a little crank- so we stayed home from our Tuesday playdates. I was trying to think of something fun but low-key…

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Candy Corn Popcorn

As soon as I mentioned doing a candy corn popcorn recipe for the blog, the Pilot was hooked. “Hey… so… um, when do you think you’ll be making that recipe?” “Which one?” “That one you mentioned the other day… it sounds really good.” I think he was hoping I’d make it while he was home…

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