Virtual coffee date

Virtual coffee date

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. It’s been a little while since our last coffee date, so I thought it would be fun to pull up a chair and enjoy a virtual latte or green juice together.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d want to hear about everything you’re up to! How’s the end of summer (is it really the end?!) treating you? Are the kiddos heading back to school? Any family vacations or fun events on the horizon? We’re going to Tucson soon and I CAN’T WAIT to see everyone. I don’t think Kyle is running Prey while we’re there but I could probably convince him to make a kale salad and veggie taco or two. 😉 I’d probably tell you about how excited I am for Kyle and Meg’s baby. I can’t wait for the girls to meet their cousin! We love him/her so much already.

If we were having coffee right now, I’d probably tell you that the Pilot has been gone this week and it’s been a scramble to do everything. I wrote about a full day in this post, but with the Pilot gone it means some even later nights and new grey hairs for me. I just feel like I’m running around all day, and sometimes I don’t have much to show for it productivity-wise. But, I have two happy, fed and loved kiddos, so I guess that says something? I finally got time to take a shower last night after spin… This week I’ve been thankful for dry shampoo. 😉 He’s on his way back now (YESSSS) and I’m excited to have him here again. I can’t drink a whole bottle of wine by myself. (Well, I mean, I could but I don’t think it would be a good idea haha.)  

If we were having coffee right now, I’d probably be sticking with half-caf since caffeine makes my anxiety worse, but I need it to live. My anxiety has been up for the past couple of weeks, and I think it has a lot to do with the impending move. I feel so sad about leaving our friends and starting over, and also a bit intimidated with everything that comes with relocating. The unknown is what always drives me crazy, but I’m trying to just focus on, and enjoy, the present. I loved reading all of your tips and stories in this post. It’s comforting to hear that I’m not alone, and I really appreciate all of your kind and thoughtful comments. I just keep telling myself that one year from now we’ll be totally settled. We’ll probably still have the necessary 10 boxes of unpacked things that seem to travel with us everywhere, but Liv will have a school, I’ll be teaching somewhere new, and we’ll all be together. That’s all that really matters. I’ve been looking for houses in Valdizzy and the 1800s would like their kitchen cabinets back. On the other hand, the backyards are AMAZING. 

If we were having coffee right now, I’d probably be doing the sore swagger to and from our table. It’s been a lot of fun testing out the Post Baby Bod advanced plan, and definitely has my muscles confused in the best way possible.

Want to share a pastry?



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  1. SS on August 25, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I’m actually drinking a green tea/almond milk latte right now and I thought, I wonder what the Fitnessista is up to? and wandered over to your blog. I feel like we really are meeting at a local coffee shop! I’m going to miss you being in San Diego (my home!) it’s been fun seeing local restaurants, etc. on your blog. I would congratulate you on making it through the colic year. My son was the same exact way, but boy the payoff is unreal. For some reasons these babies are extra special when the colic is finally over. So happy and bring so much joy to everyone. That particular baby of mine is now 12, and his sister is 14 starting high school. (HIGH SCHOOL!!!) I just can’t even. With the weather changing here in So Cal, makes me want to snuggle with my babies who aren’t babies anymore! Feeling a little weepy and anxious myself. You can do it, Gina 🙂

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:39 pm

      thank you, friend <3
      i will definitely miss being here! such an amazing place
      and you're right. they grow SO QUICKLY. it's crazy. and you're right. it's so incredible to see the true personality of a baby that has been uncomfortable for so long. it made all of the long, scary and anxious nights beyond worth it
      hope you're having a wonderful weekend

  2. Leah on August 25, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    I have anxiety about moving as well! We have lived in NYC for almost 10 years (!) and are moving back to the midwest for my husband’s job/to be closer to family. I am also pregnant with my first baby due this winter, and of course have anxiety about moving while pregnant, finding a new OB (I’m high risk so it really limits my options, although I currently don’t like my OB practice so I’m not too devastated honestly), and finding a new place to live! AH! So much change, and for someone who avoids change as much as possible, this year and next are going to be tough. At least I have a built in support system back home (i.e. my mom).

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:37 pm

      that is a lot of change on the horizon, especially with a baby on the way. i hope that everything goes as seamlessly as possible for you!
      glad to hear you’ll be closer to home, too. having family around makes a huge difference when the babies are so little. it’s something i really missed this past year.
      hope you’re having a great weekend <3

  3. India on August 25, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    Love these posts. It’s refreshing – I was listening to a podcast and they were interviewing Rage Against the Minivan’s author and she said her most popular posts are the ones that dish about true life. I’m a math teacher and getting back into the swing of things has been brutal. My husband works nights and I’ve been so tempted to open a bottle of wine for myself every night. I haven’t…but I have definitely thought about it. I don’t know how you do it with 2 kids. Power to you, momma!

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:36 pm

      thank you, friend. i actually saved the wine until my last night alone. that glass was like my celebration hahah. we ate takeout for 5 days in a row though hahah
      hope everything is going well for you with the back to school craziness. hope you’re getting to relax this weekend!

  4. Brittany Taylor on August 25, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    If we were meeting for coffee I would give you a big hug and tell you it is going to work out fine! You seem to be able to make friends wherever you go and with already knowing some people there already, you are ahead of the game!
    I would tell you about how I am seriously stressing over having to buy a new car! I got in a car accident (we are fine thankfully) so am now in the situation of having to purchase a new one. This whole ordeal is a small inconvenience I know, but it still stresses me out! Going Saturday with the hubby to get one since my mom can watch our girls.
    Also, my oldest (she just turned 5 so is close to Liv’s age) started kindergarten so we have had the flurry of back to school events to attend. I love staying busy but have felt like I have too much to do with not enough time and I hate that feeling. She starts soccer practice tonight and her daddy is taking her so I get a well deserved break from running everywhere and get to stay home and cuddle with my littlest little girl (6 months old).

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:34 pm

      thank you friend- i really appreciate it
      thankful that you’re ok after the car accident. buying a new car is a big deal!
      glad you got some down time with the back to school craziness, too.
      have a great weekend <3

  5. Grace on August 25, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I love your honesty about the uncomfortable and sad aspects of life. At this exact time 2 years ago I was struggling BIG time with a move from a big city to a small town. My husband seemed to be making friends really quickly through work, but after moving in May I felt so isolated and depressed. Finding a good therapist did help, as well as going back to visit old friends frequently. Luckily, we only moved 80 miles so monthly trips back were pretty easy.

    There were many meltdowns about feeling like I didn’t fit in and it really did just take time to find my niche and my people. In the thick of it I HATED when family told me this because it seemed so cliche and annoying, but its incredibly true.

    The biggest difference was letting my guard down and being truly open and vulnerable with new friends. Everyone wants to display this image that they have their shit together. It can be so difficult to let down your wall and say “Guess what? My life sucks right now. I have no idea what I’m doing.” I ended up becoming good friends with a co-worker and our first connection was over going to the same therapist. She was so nonchalant about mentioning it and it made me feel so comfortable discussing my own issues too. I loved that there was no taboo there.

    I think change will always be really difficult for me to embrace, but looking back I’ve come really far in the past 2 years. I finally feel settled and fulfilled with this new life.

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:33 pm

      that is amazing to hear you’re in such a better place now! and YES to letting the walls come down and being transparent with others. i’ve found that it happens a lot with kids. everyone is like “everything is so wonderful and perfect and happy!” when things can be wonderful and perfect, and imperfect, at the same time.

  6. Candy Horton on August 25, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    I saw an article on Tucson Foodie today about your bro and the food truck! Super exciting for t-town! I can’t wait to try it out next time I visit!

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      so so exciting! please let me know if you give it a try!
      have a great weekend <3

  7. Chelsea on August 25, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    If we were having coffee (eer, wine 🙂 ) right now, I’d tell you I’m so excited for my brother to be getting married this weekend. Being in my hometown of Oakland Orefon brings me peace and I always feel blessed to grow up in such a small, quaint town.
    I’d also tell you I am also having anxiety about or upcoming move to San Antonio. We’ve decided to live on base there and we’re currently on the wait list. And even though we’re 6 weeks out, I’m still like “are we going to be homeless when we arrive?”
    If we were drinking wine right now, I’d tell you I have thouroughly enjoyed the 2nd year of my daughters life more than her 1st year.. Because the first year was ROUGH. And that your post about PPD made me more comfortable for me to e open about how I also had PPD the first 8 months of Piper life… And now I feel amazing.

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:30 pm

      i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes as smoothly as possible with your move, too!
      that’s exactly how i felt with liv. it wasn’t until i felt good that i realized how horrible i’d truly felt until then. so happy to hear you’re in a better place.
      hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! we’ll be in town next weekend too if you guys want to meet up!

  8. Erika S. on August 25, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I love these posts! I was just thinking about one the other day. For our virtual “coffee date”, I’d bring over a bottle of champagne, berries & a fruit nectar to liven both of our moods…a lil bubbly always makes one laugh, smile & relax!

    I’d help you focus on the positives of the big move (it’s a familiar city, still close to Disney, and the cost of living is def better). I’d tell you change helps us challenge ourselves…and it’ll go by in the blink of an eye. I’d give you a big hug as we transition to lighter topics (pop culture gossip, latest foodie cravings, etc) and finish off the bubbly!

    As I write this, I know I need to take my own advice. I’m looking to change jobs and have been dragging my feet.


    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:29 pm

      since i’ve met you, this comment made me even more excited 😉 i wish you lived closer!
      good luck with the job situation, too.
      hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

      • Erika S. on August 28, 2016 at 4:28 pm

        You’re such a doll! We’ll be virtual friends until one of us gets close enough to the other! Until then, just know that I’m sending you lots of virtual glasses of bubbly (and a few shots of tequila!) Hope your weekend was awesome!

  9. Sarah Gottfried on August 25, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I’m sipping on my macchiato right now (because it’s smaller and I also can’t handle that caffeine), and celebrating turning 30 today! Continuing the festivities more this weekend with a getaway in wine country. Trying just to celebrate the next decade (and enjoy the present as you said), rather than dread the change.

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:29 pm

      happy belated birthday!! i hope you’re enjoying all of the celebrations, wine and cake this weekend <3 30 will be good to you.

  10. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul on August 25, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Valdosta house hunting sounds like Omaha house hunting. ALL THE OAK EVERYTHING. I can’t. >.<

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:27 pm

      right?! like WHY

  11. Emily on August 26, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Hi sweet friend!

    I have struggled with anxiety in the past during periods of unknown(s) and the one biggest thing I’ve learned is that different is not bad; it’s just different. Transition sucks, but it just is. Practice letting yourself feel the feelings, without judging yourself for them, and honor your process. Also, self-trust. Trust that you have what it takes *within* you to figure out all of the logistics around the move, settling in again in Valdizzy. You’ve done it before (successfully) and can do it again, no doubt. You’re an amazing wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend and instructor. I, too, have a tendency to worry about ALLTHETHINGS all, all at once, but divided attention is not focused attention and so I try to focus my finite energy on the one task at hand and nothing, but that, until it’s complete. Only then onto the next thing. Sending you good energy from PA – have a great weekend <3

    PS What kind of dry shampoo do you use? Like you, I have long, dark hair and sweat a ton, but so many of the products on the market are loaded with crap. :/

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:27 pm

      i needed this pep talk SO MUCH. thank you so much <3
      i've been using the ojon and love it! it's not the cleanest option but it works
      hop you're having a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  12. Jill on August 26, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    I love the virtual coffee/wine/pastry dates! I would tell you all about the fact that I’m anxious to find a new job and hoping for an offer soon, even though I love a select group of people at my current job. I would also talk about my excitement to have surgery in a month as it could be an infertility solution for us. I would also tell you about books I’m reading and a new group of girls I’m just getting to know and how much I enjoy making new friends. I would also be so happy that it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

    • Fitnessista on August 27, 2016 at 11:19 pm

      i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you with the job, and sending you lots of love and good vibes with the surgery.
      what books are you reading right now??
      hope you’re having a great weekend <3

      • Jill on August 29, 2016 at 9:12 am

        I’m currently reading “Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah. It’s really good, but stating to get very sad. I love her books – if you haven’t read “Firefly Lane,” I highly recommend it. I also recently read “All the Light We Cannot See” – also really good.

        • Fitnessista on August 29, 2016 at 11:26 am

          i will check it out! i read all the light we cannot see years ago, and loved it

  13. Genna on August 30, 2016 at 10:32 am

    2 things that have really helped me with my anxiety lately:
    1) Headspace mediation app, specifically the Anxiety Course!
    2) I read a meme or tip on IG recently that said something like….You’ve survived every worst day you’ve ever had and made it through, you’ll get through this
    Sending fluttery hearts your way! <3

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