DIY: Cutoff Shorts


It’s not quite full-blown summer here in Tucson, but with 90 degrees in this week’s forecast I figured I’d share one of my favorite staples for warmer weather – cutoffs. They are simple, and CHEAP. This tutorial is very easy and requires zero sewing. First, you need to find jeans to transform. The best place to […]

OOTD: shades of grey

here to there dress (1 of 1).jpg

I can confidently say I’ve worn sneakers every day this past week. The Skyscapes pretty much haven’t left my feet, and they’ve been the perfect “moving” shoe: super comfy, light and match pretty much everything. I like the fact that I can dress them down (wayyyy down in jean shorts and a too-old-but-I’m-never-letting-go-of-this-one U of […]

Fancy sweatpants of the year award: the jumpsuit

jumpsuit (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Last year, my “fancy sweatpants” was the maxi skirt. This year: the jumpsuit. I’m one in, and already obsessed. (Tory Burch sandals/ long necklace from the madre) I ordered this fun printed jumpsuit on Shopbop a couple of months ago, and wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to pull it off. When it arrived, it […]

Meg: InstaFashion


The last two weeks have been JAM PACKED with moving, cleaning, rearranging, and adjusting. We are officially moved into our new place. There are still boxes stacked up in our guest room but we are definitely feeling settled. I am absolutely loving our new space! It’s much more updated than our last home and it […]

The latest Stitch Fix

stitch fix (1 of 1)-9.jpg

Usually when I receive a Stitch Fix (<–affiliate link) box, two things happen: 1) I dance around with the box and while singing a beloved show tune (ok, so I just get reaallllyyyy excited) and 2) I usually know right away what I’m going to keep and what I’m going to send back. This is the […]

Meg: NYC on the brain


When I graduated from high school…um…a few years ago, my big sister Ashley took me to New York City as a graduation present. It was SO much fun and I definitely fell in love with the busy streets and massive buildings. Ever since that trip, I’ve been dying to return. Well, Kyle and I will […]

OOTD: Hat head

hat (1 of 1)-2.jpg

My friend Sasha has this huge, floppy hat that she’d wear while teaching pool classes. The hat was totally gorgeous, and we’d all say she looked like a movie star. I once told her she looked like a tropical sun goddess. When I taught pool classes, they weren’t my most appealing moments. I would wear […]

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