The latest Stitch Fix

Usually when I receive a Stitch Fix (<–affiliate link) box, two things happen: 1) I dance around with the box and while singing a beloved show tune (ok, so I just get reaallllyyyy excited) and 2) I usually know right away what I’m going to keep and what I’m going to send back. This is the […]

Meg: NYC on the brain

When I graduated from high school…um…a few years ago, my big sister Ashley took me to New York City as a graduation present. It was SO much fun and I definitely fell in love with the busy streets and massive buildings. Ever since that trip, I’ve been dying to return. Well, Kyle and I will […]

OOTD: Hat head

My friend Sasha has this huge, floppy hat that she’d wear while teaching pool classes. The hat was totally gorgeous, and we’d all say she looked like a movie star. I once told her she looked like a tropical sun goddess. 🙂 When I taught pool classes, they weren’t my most appealing moments. I would […]

Meg: Weekend Wears

I hope you don’t mind a different Weekend Wears format this week! I have found myself simply swamped the last couple of weeks and haven’t had the chance to lug out the ol’ DSLR (fancy camera) for some decent pictures. To make a long story short, Kyle has been working crazy excessive restaurant hours, we […]

The latest Stitch Fix

Oh Stitch Fix Fridays, you make the weekend even more exciting 🙂     Even though I’ve been getting Fixes for about a year and a half, I still get boxes every now and again that aren’t really “me.” I didn’t love my last box, but left feedback in the comments (they really do read the […]

Gem show finds

Alternate title: “I like sparkly things” 😉 A good Valentine’s day theme, eh? I look forward to the gem show ALL YEAR. They have a smaller one in the fall, but the biggest and best one not-so-coincidentally falls right before Valentine’s day.  So what is it? The gem show is a wholesale jewelry convention for […]

Meg: Weekend Wears

Do you ever have those days where you look in your closet and just absolutely hate everything you have? Please say yes so I don’t feel like such a freak. Lately I have been in a bit of a fashion funk. Every so often this happens to me and it usually means I’m outgrowing the […]

H&M Finds

Some of my favorite outings with Liv: storytime at the library (we went this morning and it was such a blast), jumping at the trampoline park, zoo, Children’s Museum, playdates, art projects, and shopping. When we hit the mall together, most of the time we don’t purchase anything, but it’s just fun to walk around […]

Meg: Weekend Wears

Thank you so much for your nail polish suggestions on the last Weekend Wears post! I think a trip to Walgreens is in order 🙂  This weekend went by way too fast, like always. I was excited to do a little shopping on my Sunday since Kyle was off with me again. He is honestly […]

Meg: Top Knot Recap

Ah. The infamous top knot. On days where your curls just won’t sit right, or the frizz is out of hand, it is always there for you. Back by popular demand, here is a brief tutorial showing how to execute the top knot.  Firstly, gather the necessary tools. A smoothing brush or comb, hair tie, […]

Meg: Weekend Wears

To be completely honest, this past weekend was filled with chores. Something about this unusual 70 degree Tucson weather has made me want to Spring Clean! I did, however, manage to get out and about with Kyle on Monday (my Sunday).  We had a BLAST that morning going to Olivia’s 2nd birthday party at Tucson’s first trampoline park! […]

Homemade rose lip balm

Rose-flavored and scented things? Nope, not obsessed at all 😉  I’m not obsessed with lip glosses, either. (<– try telling that to my husband who just found one in his car… minus the lid… melting everywhere. Yikes.) Ok, so I kind of have a problem with both of the aforementioned beauty pleasures. I stock up […]