Liv at tvr 

“Mom, where are we driving?”

“We’re going home.”

“WRONG! We’re going to get an acai bowl!”


(After a feral cat ran away when she tried to pet it.) “Cats hate people. It’s their job to hate people.”


“Last night I had a dream I was being chased by a tiger. I was freaking out.”

[Freaking out?]

“That sounds scary! Did you get away?”

“No, he ate me. Then I was in his belly.”


“This is all just a hot mess.” (<— she learned this one from yours truly. Oops.)


“Mom, what is your purpose in the world?”

Ummm. Way to put me on the spot, kid. 😉 

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  1. These always make me smile/laugh. I imagine they’re 100x funnier in person 😉

  2. Mollie Kimmel says:

    hahahha! all of those have me laughing out loud

  3. Wow. Some pretty deep questions coming from such a small child.

    Also, those shoes on her are adorable! Where did you get them?

    • Fitnessista says:

      right? she surprises me all the time
      nordstrom rack! i get most of her shoes there- the prices are awesome and they always have cute stuff

  4. I’m with her on the cat thing. Smart girl!

  5. I feel her on the cats 😉 Hate cats!

  6. I love Livi-isms so much! The last one is my favorite. The cutest!

  7. I love it when kids talks like they’re grown ups. It’s hilarious!

  8. Alexandra says:

    Haha too adorable! I’ve never been a cat person so I especially like that comment 😉

  9. Love the cat one (because I feel the same). And that’s pretty deep asking your purpose! 🙂

  10. Wow. Go Livi. I loved the comment about the Acai bowl…she knows you toooo well. LOL

    I cant wait to hear about the conversations with Livi and her new little sister. I know that’s a few years away but I am excited. I love hearing little kids conversations. Tooo entertaining.

  11. Love her Livi-isms! She’s growing up too fast! haha

  12. OMG!!!! I love reading these posts. Livi looks so grown up in that photo and so adorable!! Gina (from Mass)

  13. She is such a hoot! My nephew cracked me up the other night, he was making these weird grunting sounds so I told him if he had to make a poopy he should go to the bathroom (he’s 7.5, I knew he wasn’t really trying to poo, it’s just that with little boys you can always rely on bathroom jokes for a laugh). He said , “I’m trying to lay an egg, yo!” and resumed grunting. 😀

  14. So cute! Love how she has already developed seriously good taste in the food department 😉

  15. Ha! She is hilarious! I love the acai bowl comment. How on earth did you answer the last one!?

  16. Christina says:

    I love the “hot mess” comment. Hilarious! and way to smart for her age!

  17. That is such a cute age. The stuff they say is hilarious sometimes – especially when they’re repeating stuff they’ve heard us say (& sometimes not so much…). 😛 These are my favorite posts!

  18. These are solid gold -hahaha! What an awesome little human you’re raising 🙂 xoxoxo

  19. HAHA! What is your purpose. OMG I would die. What a precious little soul she is.

    Also, I agree with her about cats. 😉

  20. LOL, these are gems!

  21. I love your livi-isms posts! They are so adorable/hilarious

  22. Are you sure Livi is only 3? She sounds like a 20 year old 🙂

  23. Haha! Ayden referred to himself as a hot mess once. Also from me. Oops!

  24. Hysterical!! Do you try keeping a straight face or do you laugh?
    I would totally burst out laughing!

  25. Love it! 😀 She is hilarious!

  26. I love when they repeat stuff… sometimes a good way to know what we’re really saying. Haha One day my almost three year old son held my face in his hands and said, “Awww, Mommy! You my little cutie sweetie. You my big girl.” 😛

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