Happy Soda Bread Day

Hiiiii 😀 Happy St. Patty’s Day! This day always reminds me of my Irish dancing days, and dancing the entire length of the St. Patty’s Day parade (about 2 hours). The soda bread waiting for me at the end was the best reward ever 😉 Source I’m back in Valdosta! I have to say, it’s…

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Beets a la Bag and ABCS

Heyyyy friends 🙂 How has your day been? (Photo taken on the base trail where Bell and I walk) My morning was a little cray cray, but very productive 😀 A shorts and tank kinda day:   I heart shorts weather <3 😉 I went to Target for necessary and impulse buys, post office, called…

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Out with the Old

and in with the new: It was high time for some new sneaks up in herrrre. They had a long life of kickboxing, BodyRock, dog walking, and walking around the track with my Kindle.. it was time to bid adieu. The new ones are from Kohl’s- they always have a good selection (and sweet deals)…

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Waited All Day….

to have needles sticking out of my body. I’m an artist, really 😉 Bahaha. Every time I have an acupuncture appointment, I look forward to it all day! So peaceful and a lovely hour nap. 🙂 Before my needle-y nap, I had b-fast with my mom and nana at the Delicious Egg, taught a class…

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“Let’s Go Out to Breakfast”

Hi friends! How’s your day been? <3 I’m a late blogger tonight- it was a crazy day! The kind where on my only 30 minute break, instead of writing a quick blog post, I needed to close my eyes for a second in silence haha. Thank you so much for your sweet comments about having…

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