Peanut butter jelly dip + Bitsy’s Brainfood giveaway

This post is sponsored through my partnership with Bitsy’s Brainfood + includes an amazing giveaway opportunity.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about Liv and young kiddos is that they like to feel like they’re part of the team, and not quite so different from the adults. This is why I’ll usually serve Liv what I’m eating (or she eats it out of my bowl, haha) or make her similar versions of our beloved meals. It’s a fun way to find out new favorites, and she’ll surprise me with the things she prefers. (Like the other day, she came into the kitchen and asked for a small bowl of cornichons. I was like, “What?”) Needless to say, she was excited to see that I made a kids’-size cheese board for a recent dinner party.

I just cut up some turkey and cheese with a star cookie cutter, washed some strawberries, added a couple of string cheeses,

Bitsys 3

and made a bowl of peanut butter and jelly dip to serve with the new Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Crackers. The adults ended up going crazy for this stuff, too, and the crackers are perfectly sweet and salty.


Are you ready for the dip recipe? It’s seriously the easiest thing ever. (It reminds of a recipe I once read that was something like “Open a can of peas. Heat in a saucepan with butter. Eat.” haha)

Combine equal parts cream cheese, peanut butter, and strawberry jam (<— I used 1/3 cup of each). Heat on a medium-low until smooth and warm. Serve topped with cinnamon. That’s it!

Bitsys 2

At least a few time during the night, the Pilot kept saying how great it was. It will definitely be a party staple from now on!

The dip paired perfectly with the new Maple Carrot Bitsy’s Smart Crackers, which Liv absolutely loves. The Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Cookies are a staple in our house, so Liv was thrilled that there were new Bitsy’s boxes when we went to Target.

April bitsys 2

Some more info about their new Smart Crackers:

-Each serving contains half a serving of organic veggies, and are a great source of Vitamins A, B6, B12, D and Folic Acid

-They’re nut-free and baked in a peanut-free and tree nut-free facility

-The crackers are in fun Tangram shapes which help to teach logic, math and spatial reasoning. I appreciate any opportunities to inject learning into snack time, and the first time she tried the crackers, Liv started creating houses and rockets with the shapes.

April bitsys 4

Bitsys smart crackers 2

-The Bitsy’s Brainfood brand was handpicked as one of the 20 natural, organic and sustainable brands as part of Target’s Made to Matter collection. This makes it easier for consumers to find natural, organic and sustainable lines while shopping at Target. The Bitsy’s cookies and crackers can be found at Target, and are 20% off through the Cartwheel app.

-Bitsy’s Brainfood is one of my favorite product lines to purchase because the ingredients are fantastic, and I love the philosophy behind the brand. It was created by two moms with a mission to make healthy food fun, and they want to encourage kids to enjoy healthy options while they’re young, as these habits will stay with them as they grow. They don’t hide the fact that there are fruits and veggies in their products because they want kids to know what they’re eating.

You can join the Bitsy’s Smart Cookie Community here (US residents) to receive samples, exclusive information and coupons. 

April bitsys

Bitsys smart crackers

(Liv’s favorite flavor is the Sweet Potato Cinna-graham, and I love the sweet and salty Maple Carrot Crisp. We still need to try the Cheddar Chia Veggie!)

And now it’s giveaway time!

My friends at Bitsy’s kindly offered a $50 Target gift card + a prize pack of their new Smart Crackers!

Enter via the widget below.

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The lucky winner will be chosen Monday night at midnight EST and announced in Tuesday’s morning post.

Target is not a sponsor or administrator of this promotion.

Have a very happy Friday and I’ll see ya later tonight with some Friday Faves.



This post is sponsored by Bitsy’s Brainfood. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and the companies who help to support our family.  

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    Graham crackers were a favorite

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