Sun’s Out, Guns Out Arm Burner

Hi! How’s your day going? Excited for the weekend? 

Last night, I had a fun blog friend date. A lovely lady by the name of Rachel G., who has been leaving awesome comments on the blog for years, told me she was going to be in San Diego. So I did what anyone would do: picked her up and took her to my new Zumba class 😉 

Me and rachel

(Please excuse my creeper eyes. I never know where to look for selfies haha)

Zumba was AMAZING; probably the best first class scenario I could have had. Usually when I sub, or pick up a new class, I don’t expect any participants. Word gets around that the usual instructor won’t be teaching, or people aren’t yet aware of the new class/time. Also, many don’t want to risk valuable workout time with new instructor that they may not like. (I totally get it; if I knew my favorite instructor wasn’t teaching, I would likely find another option, too.) So Rachel and I showed up at the gym, I saw a handful of ladies in the basketball court and figured that would be it. Nope! I had 16 ladies and one guy! Even though it’s definitely quality over quantity for any fitness classes, I thrive off group energy, so the more the merrier :) I’m teaching on a basketball court with no mirrors, which is eerily reminiscent of my Valdosta Zumba days. Back in the day, I taught in a racquetball court and packed over 50 ladies in there like shimmying sardines. Here, I’ve definitely found my new Zumba home.

Hanging out with Rachel was a blast. It’s always fun to meet someone you feel like you’ve known for years and put a face to name. We had an awesome vegan feast at Native Foods after class.

Native foods2

(That dessert case, though.)

I had the Bangkok Curry with tempeh instead of tofu + a side salad + a glass of red blend 

Native foods

(+ some of Rachel’s sweet potato fries)

It was a wonderful blog friend date :)

This week I got a request for a new arm burner, and while I didn’t get a chance to film a video with this week’s vacay, I put together a quick easy-to-follow circuit. Here’s the kicker: the moves are standard strength training moves, but this circuit includes tempo variations and static holds to fully fatigue the muscles. I promise it’s a toasty one :) As always, modify as needed and check with a doc before making any fitness changes.

Let me know how you like it!

Suns out guns out arm burner

Combine into a full workout with:

This warm up

-The above arm burner

This barre burner

This cardio blast

Have you ever had a blind friend date? What about a blind date date?? I love hearing these stories 😉

See ya in the morning!


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