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Fall Foodie Mood

Hey guys! How’s your morning going? <3 I started mine off with a dip into the almond butter jar and a Bikram yoga class. Bikram was tough stuff this morning. It’s been a few weeks since I’d practiced and my body definitely let me know. My back is going to be a little sore, but…

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Foodgasm Panino + Saturday Bootcamp

Good morning 😀 How’s your Saturday treating you? Hope you have something fun going on today <3 Last night was a blasty. I took a stanky, sweaty, triumphant Bikram class and then we took the puppers to the dog park. The Pilot walking Scamp around 😉 (I think Viesa is a little more his style,…

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Just dare me, Curry

Hey hey hey 🙂 Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great morning <3 The little sisters are happy to be reunited. I was so excited to pick up Vies! She jumped up and kissed me on the mouth, haha. Viesa smells like a corn chip from being at the kennel (they play outside a lot),…

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Chewy Kombucha

Hi guys 😀 How are ya? Hope that you’ve all had a wonderful day! We’re back in Valdosta.. I’m stoked, can ya tell? 😉 I’m actually not bummed to be back after having such a lovely weekend. This morning, despite all of the vino from last night, I got up early like a champion and…

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The Big Manzana Part 3

Hi guys!!! Happy Tuesday 😀 I love shorter weeks! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took the time to think about those who have fought so valiantly to protect our way of life. We had such an amazing time in New York. The shopping (!), food, sights, drinks (heh) were all incredible. We…

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