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Easter Weekend 2018

Hi friends! How are you? I hope that those of you who celebrated Easter and Passover this weekend enjoyed a wonderful holiday. I apologize for disappearing on ya yesterday; I had an unintentional computer-free weekend. I forgot my computer charger in Valdosta and since I had some work stuff to do, I ordered one to…

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EATster weekend

Hi friends! How are you? How was the weekend??  It was our first *real* weekend in Valdosta. It’s weird because in some ways, it feels like we just got here. (Ok, in a lot of ways. Like the moving boxes that we’re still drowning in, which never seem to empty and mysteriously keep multiplying.) In…

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Nana’s famous egg dish

This egg casserole is perfect for any brunch or holiday celebrations. It freezes beautifully to make ahead, and tastes amazing with pico de gallo salsa. Check out the recipe + a video, and also the creme brûlée French toast in this post. 🙂 Hi friends! Hope you’re having an amazing day. I have a ton of…

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“Hop to It” Jumping Cardio Interval Workout

Here’s an Easter workout with lots of hopping, to get you feeling just like the Easter Bunny! This Easter HIIT workout will have your heart pounding in a short amount of time with no equipment needed.  How’s your morning going so far? I’m still feeling glorious after an AMAZING Zumba class last night. I went…

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Healthy Easter brunch ideas, cleaner candies + basket stuffers

It’s hard to believe that Easter is already this weekend! We still haven’t decided if we’re going to make the drive to Tucson for the holiday, and while this post is about healthy Easter brunch ideas, if we do make it there, I’m going to run around and hug everyone before quickly diving into my…

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Healthy Egg Salad

The Pilot and I have always had pretty clear ideas of who does what in our little household. We each have our own *jobs*, from the normal everyday stuff (I cook, he does dishes, he vaccuums, I Swiffer and clean everything else, he takes out the trash and recycling), to the more unusual stuff. Like…

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