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Surviving the Crazy Mornings

This post is sponsored by my friends at The Quaker Oats Company. It’s hard to believe that summer is ending, and we’re headed back in to the school year hustle. Liv is starting KINDERGARTEN (hold me), and long gone are the slow mornings of hanging out in our jammies until 11am before wandering to the…

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1 hour, $60, 5 days of daytime eats

That’s breakfast, lunch and a snack each day! PLUS, everything is gluten-free. So last time I did a similar post to this one, I counted a lot of pantry essentials. I later realized that a few items may not commonly be on hand , and for that reason the title was skewed. Fail to meeeeee.…

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Oh, hi pumpkin. I haven’t seen you since… yesterday. (#obsessed #basic #dontcurrr)   Make-Ahead Fall Breakfast As the weather starts to cool down, I tend to gravitate back towards hot breakfasts. Breakfast cookie dough cereals, smoothies, and chia puddings are usually switched over from breakfast to snacktime fare, and I head back towards egg bakes…

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Overnight Apple Pie Slow Cooker Oatmeal

This apple pie slow cooker oatmeal is the perfect way to start your fall mornings. Throw it in the slow cooker at night and wake up to a delicious, ready-to-serve breakfast–and an amazing smelling house! Hi friends! How’s the day going?? A little later blogging today, as technology doesn’t seem to be my friend this…

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Tropical Cherry Paleo Muffins

Hi, I made you some paleo muffins! Don’t let the little green bits freak you out; just some hemp seeds. 🙂 For these muffins, I decided to make something a little different than my usual fare. Usually I’m all about chocolate and almond butter (like this, this and this!), but with my recent obsession for bright…

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20 Healthy, On-the-Go Breakfasts

Fuel your day right and get off to a great start with these healthy, on-the-go breakfast ideas! Hi friends! How’s the day going? Your comments this morning were cracking me up. SO many good ones! I’m also glad I’m not alone with totally mishearing song lyrics. “Starbucks lovers” was a debate between the Pilot and…

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Protein-Packed Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

These protein-packed, make-ahead breakfast burritos are gluten and dairy-free too! They’re the perfect healthy breakfast for busy mornings. After burning ourselves out on baked oatmeal (so good, but we had so much!), we’re on to a new breakfast thing. “New” = not really new at all, because usually at some point during the day I…

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Grain-Free Upside Down Apple Bread

This grain-free apple bread is made upside down style, which makes it perfect for dessert. It also makes a great breakfast served with a cup of coffee!  Just the usual shenanigans over here. (PS. A fedora is a great for any bad hair day)  Playing, reading, hanging out, some great workouts… and this apple bread.…

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Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a lovely morning. <3  Today I’m going to share a breakfast recipe for something I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks now: Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal! It sounds too good to be true, but this healthy breakfast packs in a bunch of nutrients while tasting like a treat. There are…

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