Twice-baked sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts hash

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Liv and I have been playing nurse to the pups; they’re still moving a little slowly after their dental cleaning yesterday. Poor girls. :( Hoping they’re back to their spunky selves soon.

Instead of a picture of them looking tired and forlorn, here are some succulents:

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Last night was gloriously low-key over here. We picked up the dogs, and enjoyed a veggie-packed dinner here at home.

Emily’s fantastic black bean burgers (one of my favorite blogworld recipes ever)


with twice-baked sweet potatoes and Brussels sprout hash. 

The Brussels sprout hash was inspired by a creation I enjoyed this weekend at Canyon Ranch. I knew that this simple and savory side dish would be the perfect way to switch up the Brussels sprout rotation here at home.

I used this bag pre-shaved Brussels sprouts (thanks Joe the Trader for doing the work for me),

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and sautéed in a little butter with garlic, salt, pepper, and chopped organic turkey bacon. I hit it with a splash of balsamic and a squeeze of lemon juice, and it was done!!

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(An instagram friend said to drizzle honey next time. Happening.)

For the twice-baked potatoes, I baked them for an hour at 350, and then halved them before removing the flesh. I blended it up with some butter, cinnamon, maple syrup (!), and added back to the skins. I baked them again for about 20 minutes until they were crisp on top, and gooey on the inside. :)

The Pilot and I stayed up later than usual to finish watching Gone Girl. I had already seen it, and read the book, and told him the entire plot line because I was so mad when it was over haha. I was surprised he still wanted to see it after my Gina-fied synopsis. ;)

Hope you’re enjoying the morning! I’ll see ya later today over on the Family page.



What’s your favorite quick and easy veggie side dish?

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