Introducing solids to a reflux baby

When we were in the middle of reflux nightmare, I had a couple of things to look forward to that helped me fight through the difficult times.

When P was sitting up, she might be feeling better.

When she was crawling, she’d likely be feeling better.

When we was eating solids, we’d likely be out of the reflux woods.

The girls 2

The pediatricians assured us that almost all babies outgrow reflux by their first birthday, and that symptoms would dramatically improve by the time she could sit up and eat solid foods. While still making an effort to enjoy her baby phase as much as possible, I looked forward to the day when she could eat without crying her heart out, stop choking, and be off medication. Finally, the day came, and we are so, so thankful.

In other reflux news, she had her scope at the ENT, and everything looked normal so at this point, they don’t need to do further testing. YESSSS. 

Even though we’re finally able to give her solid foods (and she LOVES solids), I still can’t help but feel anxious about introducing new foods to her. With Liv, we added in fruits and vegetables fairly quickly, and thankfully, she didn’t react to anything.

Because of P’s suspected milk protein allergy, I’m terrified that she might be allergic to something, so I’ve only given her fruits, vegetables, and beans. (She goes crazy for some soft, peeled black beans.)

I’ve found that berries make her pretty cranky (I think it’s because they’re acidic), but other than that, she’s had oatmeal with apple, banana, sweet potato, avocado, peach, spinach, pears, peas, butternut squash, broccoli, carrot and melon. The pediatricians told me to give her a lick of yogurt to see what happens. I don’t really want to “see what happens.” At the same time, I can’t wait forever to give her yogurt, egg yolk, wheat, or peanut butter.

I wanted to ask if my fellow reflux mamas had any tips for introducing new foods to their babies. Also, if any of my friends with kiddos who have allergies could chime in: what do I look for? If she were going to have a reaction, I read that the first one isn’t usually life-threatening, but I would love to hear your experience or suggestions. 

I’m just hoping maybe this is one case where I’m freaked out over nothing. Fingers crossed.

Thank you in advance for any tips you can send my way!

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