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Girl at Disneyland: “Do you like Princess Elsa?”

Livi: “I AM Princess Elsa.”


(Hugging me) “Mom, I forgive you.”

Me: “You forgive me? For what?”

Livi: “For Bella.”



Me: “Livi, do you want to go back to Menchie’s?”

Livi: “NO. I don’t like the ice cream man!”

Me: “I don’t think he’s there all the time. He might not be there.”

Livi: “Yeah, maybe he’s at home with his ice cream family.”


(While “braiding” my hair) “I’m almost done, sweetie.”


“I want to touch the moon. I will fly up with my wings and touch it.”


Whispering to the guinea pigs at PetSmart, “I can have you? I want you. I can have you?”


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    (Touching my hair) “Mom, I like your ponytail. It’s so cute.”   (Looking down at my deformed pinky toe from breaking it so many times) “Oh no, mom. What happened to your toe? It hurt?”   (While I’m steaming cauliflower) “I smell something. Stop that smell!!”    “Livi, do you want French toast […]

Babywearing faves


(and by that, I mean the simplest kind with no-frills, minimal tying, and awesome cuddly time with baby) When I was at Tiki Port with a friend this past weekend, she asked me about babywearing. It made me realize a couple of things: -We’re definitely past that stage now… and it already feels so long […]


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    Upon seeing an ornately-painted VW wagon parked outside: “I want to paint our car! I will paint you, dada and a green Bella.”   Me: “It’s spaghetti night tonight!” Liv: “No, it’s DESSERT NIGHT tonight!”   Tom: “Watch it there, slick.” Liv: “I’m not slick. I’m Olivia.”   Me: “Who’s a burrito girl?!” […]

Livi’s toddler room

toddler room (1 of 1).jpg

Finally made some progress with the little lady’s toddler room! When we first moved in, I wasn’t quite sure what to do about decorating Liv’s room because I knew at some time or another it would be time to switch from the crib to a bigger bed. Her favorite color is yellow, so I thought […]

Potty training tips from two nanas

potty training tips.jpg

My mom and nana hadn’t even been here for 24 hours before they had potty-trained our child. It was like it was no big deal, and right before my eyes, she went from a baby in diapers to a KID who will tell me she needs to go potty, go, and then ask for jelly […]

Finding a preschool

This wasn’t a topic that I originally planned on blogging about, but I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a post about finding a preschool. Livi started preschool last fall in Tucson -if you’re in Tucson and need recommendations, shoot me an email!- as a way to get some extra help two mornings each week […]

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