Rain boots


Girl at the car repair shop: “Where did you get those beautiful eyelashes?!”

Liv: “Disneyland.”


[Another moment of realization that she is indeed my heart walking around outside my body]

“Oh, I JUST LOVE sleeping! Sleeping is the best.”


[As we’re walking out the door to leave]

Me: “Bye dogs. Bella, be a good girl.”

Liv: “Oh, Bella. She’s a trash can.”

[I had called Bella a trash can a couple of nights before, when she had eaten our leftover food off the table. Kids NEVER FORGET.]


“Watch me. I’m going to do my mushroom face.”

[Scrunches face up into a scowl]

“See, look. I’m a mushroom.” 


This last one happened during naptime. I had put Liv down to sleep almost an hour before this happened, but she had been rolling around and playing in her bed. Suddenly, she starts yelling, 

“MOM. Mom, I need you.”

(And I think “Here we go again. Turn the music up, read another story, get more water to drink, etc.”)

“MOM. MOM! You forgot to put a diaper on me!”

Liv has been potty-trained during the day since this summer, but we still use diapers for naps and bedtime. Turns out that yes, I had totally forgotten to put a diaper on her for nap. Fail to me haha. 


“I want a brother or a sister. I’m the only one.”



    Me: We’re going to the store. Liv: For what? Me: Chicken and coconut milk. Liv: Ohhhhh that sounds WONDERFUL.   (Pointing at Bella) “Bella, you are NOT A HUMAN.”   Livi’s yoga teacher: What are you going to be for Halloween? Liv: I’m going to be a bumblebee! Yoga teacher: Oh, so cute! […]



  “You want some grass, goat? Eat it. You like it?”   Me: “Look at the pretty HULA FLOWER!” Livi: “That’s a hibiscus.”   “Do you know what ‘popcorn’ means? It means ‘I love you’ and ‘good morning.”   Liv: “Who got this for me?” Me: “Nana did!” Liv: “Oh Nana. She’s a cute girl.”



  Girl at Disneyland: “Do you like Princess Elsa?” Livi: “I AM Princess Elsa.”   (Hugging me) “Mom, I forgive you.” Me: “You forgive me? For what?” Livi: “For Bella.” (What?!)   Me: “Livi, do you want to go back to Menchie’s?” Livi: “NO. I don’t like the ice cream man!” Me: “I don’t think […]


w bell.JPG

    (Touching my hair) “Mom, I like your ponytail. It’s so cute.”   (Looking down at my deformed pinky toe from breaking it so many times) “Oh no, mom. What happened to your toe? It hurt?”   (While I’m steaming cauliflower) “I smell something. Stop that smell!!”    “Livi, do you want French toast […]

Babywearing faves


(and by that, I mean the simplest kind with no-frills, minimal tying, and awesome cuddly time with baby) When I was at Tiki Port with a friend this past weekend, she asked me about babywearing. It made me realize a couple of things: -We’re definitely past that stage now… and it already feels so long […]


running in the sand (1 of 1).jpg

    Upon seeing an ornately-painted VW wagon parked outside: “I want to paint our car! I will paint you, dada and a green Bella.”   Me: “It’s spaghetti night tonight!” Liv: “No, it’s DESSERT NIGHT tonight!”   Tom: “Watch it there, slick.” Liv: “I’m not slick. I’m Olivia.”   Me: “Who’s a burrito girl?!” […]

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