Some Tucson weekend pics

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend <3 We’re having a great time with the family here in Tucson. I haven’t exactly been wearing my blogging pants this weekend; as much as I love taking photos, my camera has stayed in my purse. Here are a couple that I snapped during the festivities:

Nana’s beautiful birthday cake
Nanas cake  1 of 1

The official “I’m back in Tucson” food: cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, margarita. Oh yessssss.


The kids got a kick out of swimming under the noodle rainbow.


Luna’s smushy face:


A pic with my friend Kate after taking a Barre 3 Tucson class. She owns the studio, and last time we had breakfast together it still was in the building process. It was amazing to see the final product and take a class; she’s done an incredible job <3

Photo 1

What was a highlight from your weekend? 



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  1. Where’s the Barre studio located in Tucson? I may need to check it out when I drive down from Phoenix to visit friends.

  2. Beautiful cake! I hope your nana had a lovely birthday 🙂

    The highlight of my weekend was a very successful long run today as part of Chicago Marathon training! And delicious pizza at a new restaurant in town!

  3. looks like a fantastic weekend!

    My weekend: seeing gorgeous pictures of a girlfriends new baby girl born this morning (and our boys are 3 days apart), finding out Patrick is getting sworn back into the reserves tomorrow, and an unanticipated family day of absolutely zero plans. 🙂

    maaaaaybe a day trip to SD tuesday!

  4. Yaara Leve says:

    You’ve got a young nana like me! Mine is 79. She’s still a spit fire, sassy lady–lol 🙂 I love the noodle rainbow! Looks like such a fun weekend! So nice you were able to reconnect with the fam.

  5. Those enchiladas!! Drooling!

  6. too much fun! the “back in Tucson” food…oh wow.

  7. Love your tank in the barre picture…where is it from?

  8. family birthday party, mexican food, and a good workout… sounds like the perfect weekend to me! =)

  9. Highlight of my weekend was pressing publish on a blog post that’s been on my mind a while. Oh, and my sugar-free, gluten-free zucchini muffins that I made with garden fresh zucchinis. 🙂

  10. The Barre 3 studio looks gorgeous! And the “back in Tuscon” is making my mouth water. I’m so hungry and Mexican food sounds perfect right about now!

  11. The enchiladas look delicious. You can never go wrong with a good plate of Mexican food 🙂

  12. Michaela says:

    I think you look so much happier and somehow “free” in the Tuscon pictures!

  13. Oh my!! Luna is tooooo precious!!!

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