055: Disrupting the fitness equipment industry with Max and Natalie from Bala Bangles

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! New podcast episode is up and today I’m chatting with the founders of Bala Bangles, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz.

055: Disrupting the fitness equipment industry with Max and Natalie from Bala Bangles

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Here’s what we talk about:

How they got started and the inspiration behind Bala Bangles

What it’s like to work with Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova as investors

Tips for branding and aesthetics

Personal development resources

Not familiar with Bala Bangles? Here’s some background info:

Ball gowns and wrist weights? Bala has done more than re-invent the old-school eighties wrist and ankle weight. They have merged the aesthetic world of fashion with the booming industry of fitness. With their signature bangles, the trendy minded can add weight to their pilates or yoga class, they can get an extra resistance on their afternoon stroll, or they can make a statement at the neighborhood cocktail party as they pair their pink bangles with a black taffeta parachute dress. One look at Bala’s Instagram and you know – this isn’t a brand for the one-dimensional.

Bala was founded by the wife-husband duo, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz. Into yoga, into entrepreneurship, they combined their two passions. Cut to a sketch on a napkin while they were taking a sabbatical in Southeast Asia, which led to a prototype, which turned into Bala Bangles.

In their first full year in business, Bala’s total sales have expanded to $2M+ and their bangles can be found in over 1,000 retailers such as Goop, Free People, Bloomingdales, and Urban Outfitters. They sell out constantly and are coming up with two new launches this month.

Shop their website here and check out their Instagram here.

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