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1st Trimester

May 29: Start spreading the news

I had a huge debate with myself over when we should start to tell the fam the good news. I wanted to tell EVERYONE (like random people at the grocery store) but have been a little wary just in case this one wasn’t meant to be. I told my mom pretty soon after we found…

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May 9: First kinda Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was definitely weird to know that I have this little tadpole growing inside of me, and it still quite feel like this is happening. I suppose it won’t for a while? So I went through Mother’s Day, desperately wanting to call my stepmom or tell my nana, but I really,…

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May 2 and 3, 2011

I took another test this morning, just to be sure, and TWO LINES again!! Boom. This is for real!!!! I’m just really hoping that it sticks. To be sure, we’re not telling everyone yet, since it’s our first baby and I’m not sure how my body is going to handle it. My family is definitely…

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May 1: It actually worked

Last night, I decided I had to go to Target for black swimsuit bottoms, papers towels and nail polish. With a full cart and about $150 later (how does this always happen? It’s the law of Target), I was still walking around the store, looking for more impulse buys. I thought to myself that maybe…

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April 25: What in the what?!

So today, my temp shot up again! What is going on here? I was expecting it to stay down, but my chart looks like a lovely jigsaw now. After Googling for a second, I found something that made me a little nervous: “I had two drops in temperature past ovulation and my temp had never…

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April 22: Weekends are rough

Since the Pilot is back in Georgia tying up loose ends at work for a month before he comes to Tucson for good, weekends have been rough. It’s funny because in a way, it feels like being back in Tucson is almost more difficult than it would have been if we went somewhere new. All…

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April 20: Brownie husband

Today I had to take a drug test for work. While the place was beyond sketchy, it actually wasn’t too bad because my bro was waiting in the lobby to be my breakfast date afterwards. After the tech took my sample, I had to wonder if the results would come back along with a flashing…

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April 19: Maybe this time

Today, I started talking to my stomach. I honestly have no idea if there’s anything in there, besides the giant food baby that was my lunch, but it’s more of a wishing and hoping than anything. Praying that this time might be real, and just in case it is, that the little monkey can start…

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