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Slow cooker chicken coconut curry

Last time I made Thai food, I almost burned our faces off with the spiciness factor. This is coming from a girl who eats jalapenos straight-up. It was borderline too much for me too handle, and way too spicy for the Pilot, who likes spicy foods, but not the same way I do. This time,…

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Quitting the gym

It’s a gorgeous day over here <3 I’m still wondering if we’ll ever get a real winter. If not, fine by me… Last night’s baby meal (and cake!!!) were fantastic… Kyle and Meg came over to enjoy the goods with us, and the shrimp curry was incredible. Giant chunks of potatoes and jalapenos- I’ll have…

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Hi, Thai

I love the weekend. So does Bell, who is definitely back to 100% after her night of sickies. She’ll shake her tail off at everyone, beg for chicken, snuggle… and give you the stink eye when you leave to go to dinner. The Pilot had to work a little later last night to catch up…

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It was a day

To switch up my usual long walk with a DJ dance cardio class (something about Pitbull and booty-shaking makes a day so much better) to test out out my new infinity scarf (finally, a scarf I can’t mess up! I look like a goofer in regular ones) to fight the masses at Costco (don’t let…

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I die for Thai

San Diego created a monster. I had my first Thai experience, and since then have been dreaming of wrapping everything in rice paper and dipping it in peanut sauce. So when I was trying to figure out dinner last night –we usually go out, or get takeout on Saturdays- I said: “Doyouwantpizzafordinner or… would you…

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The curry of my life

I’m not sure why I waited 27 years to try Thai food. I’ve heard good things about it, but never got into it for some reason. Well now that I’ve finally crawled out from under my rock, I finally understand what the hype is all about. We were looking for somewhere casual to eat last…

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