EquiLife CBO protocol review

Sharing my experience so far using the EquiLife CBO protocol as part of my gut healing process. You can read more about my journey here.

Hi friends! I hope that you’re having a wonderful week! We’re in California celebrating spring break with the crew. I’ll share some adventures on IG stories and some pics in Friday Faves.

For today’s post, I wanted to chat a bit about my CBO protocol journey now that I’m five weeks into the process. (I can’t believe it’s been this long!!) It was a huge step in my healing journey from eye issues and autoimmune symptoms, since I did some testing and found high levels of bacteria, yeast, and Candida in my gut. You can check out more about my experience here.

CBO is a 12-week protocol, and while it’s not for the faint of heart, I’ve already noticed incredible improvements.

Cbo protocol review 1.

EquiLife CBO protocol review

What is the EquiLife CBO protocol?

The Equilife Candida, Bacteria Optimizer Protocol is thoughtfully crafted and designed to tackle imbalances in gut microbiota, specifically targeting candida, fungal, and yeast overgrowth and bacterial dysbiosis. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients known for their antifungal, antibacterial, and gut-healing properties, this protocol aims to restore harmony within the gut ecosystem. The goal of the CBO protocol is to clean out the *bad* bacteria in your gut, repopulate the good bacteria, and heal and seal the gut lining. 

Friendly reminder: I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice. I’m simply sharing my experience with this protocol. As with any dietary or supplement regimen, it’s crucial for individuals to consult with their primary care physician or a qualified healthcare provider before making any changes. This ensures compatibility with existing medical conditions, medications, and individual health needs. 

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Key Ingredients in the CBO protocol:

Saccharomyces Boulardii: A protective and powerful probiotic.

Berberine: Extracted from various plants like goldenseal and barberry, berberine possesses broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, effectively combating bacterial overgrowth and restoring microbial balance.

Oregano Oil: Renowned for its antimicrobial prowess, oregano oil contains compounds such as carvacrol and thymol, which exhibit potent antifungal and antibacterial effects, aiding in the eradication of pathogenic organisms in the gut.

Enzymes and Probiotics: This Equilife protocol also includes a blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics to support optimal digestion and gut flora balance. Enzymes facilitate the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, while probiotics replenish beneficial bacteria, fostering a thriving gut environment.

How It Works:

The Equilife Candida, Bacteria Optimizer Protocol operates on a multi-faceted approach to address underlying gut imbalances. Herbs target pathogenic organisms, while enzymes and probiotics support digestive health and microbial diversity. This synergistic action helps alleviate symptoms associated with candida overgrowth and bacterial dysbiosis, promoting overall gut wellness.


Comprehensive protocol targeting candida overgrowth and bacterial dysbiosis

Utilizes natural ingredients with antifungal and antibacterial properties

Supports optimal digestion and gut health

May alleviate symptoms such as bloating, digestive discomfort, allergies, autoimmune symptoms like joint pain, skin issues, and fatigue

Developed by Dr. Stephen Cabral – he is my mentor and I’m a huge fan of the products he creates, as well as his messaging and brand

The children’s protocol can be used for children ages 3+


Individual responses may vary, and results may take time to manifest

Requires commitment to dietary and lifestyle modifications for optimal efficacy

Not suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or allergies

The importance of functional testing:

Before embarking on the Equilife Candida, Bacteria Optimizer Protocol, it’s essential for individuals to undergo functional testing to ascertain the root cause of their gut issues. Functional testing provides valuable insights into gut health markers, guiding personalized treatment strategies for optimal results. If you’re interested in testing options, email me (gina@fitnessista.com)

I definitely would not do this protocol without testing first, since it’s expensive and long (12 weeks)

Cbo protocol review 3.

My personal experience:

The biggest thing that kept me from starting this protocol earlier was the suggested eating guidelines.

For optimal efficiency, you have to follow the guidelines, and the biggest kicker for me was:


Whaaaaat?! I put garlic and onions in EVERYTHING. If a recipe calls for garlic, I double or triple the amount. Two cloves in a recipe? No. They definitely meant six.

This is why I waited until after the holidays, Liv’s birthday trip, and some travel and events we had planned until I was ready to get started. I wanted to be able to control as much as I could, so I waited until it would make the most sense timing-wise. I started it the day after Valentine’s Day (when I went wild at Fleming’s lol) and planned my 21 days to be over by the time we went to Vegas, so I could have a cocktail and a fancy dinner.

If you’re wondering why they don’t recommend garlic or onions, it’s because they’re powerful prebiotics and can feed ALL of the bacteria in your gut: the good, and the bad. You don’t want to be repopulating the same area, so this is why vinegars and fermented foods, as well as certain fruits, are not recommended.

I’m not able to post the full meal guidelines here on the blog, but the first 21 days is basically meats, beans, certain fruits, lots of veggies, and a handful of fats (mostly olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados). After the first 21 days, you can start to implement a weekly “flex” meal to give yourself some nutritional relief, and also start to reintroduce other foods (like eggs, nuts, some condiments, gluten-free grains) while checking for reactions along the way.

The first 21 days were challenging, but not unbearable. I realized how much I was craving sugar and how much it was likely keeping me in the situation I was in. After the first 21 days, things get SO much easier. I’m able to have gluten-free oats, rice, needs/seeds/chia, and haven’t had any reactions after adding new foods back in.

Here’s the biggest kicker:

eggs are my favorite food and I haven’t had them regularly for almost 6 months now. Egg whites still spiked my food sensitvity test, and would give me breakouts on my cheeks and chin, so I’ve been avoiding them.

Since I’ve been healing my gut, I’ve been able to add them back into my life without any pimple breakouts or reactions. When we were in Vegas, I had a giant plate of scrambled eggs (they were SO buttery and good!) and nothing happened. It was amazing.

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is a boost of energy and no more brain fog. I was feeling so distracted and foggy, and this protocol has given me a huge boost in focus, energy, and productivity. The inflammation in my face is completely gone – even when I took the photos for this post a couple of months ago, my cheeks looked puffy! – and I don’t feel bloated or swollen.

I’ve been making the weekly flex meals count, and have enjoyed some amazing sweet treats, a couple of cocktails, and more indulgent meals.

If I feel this good at the almost halfway point, I’m really excited to see my progress as I finish up. If you have any questions, or are curious about doing functional testing, please let me know – I’d love to help!

EquiLife discount code

EquiLife is having their Founder’s Sale right now and you can stack my code FITNESSISTA10 onto current offers (products only; it doesn’t work on labs since they’re heavily discounted during the sale)

Here are some of the things I’d recommend:

The 7-day detox. It’s perfect for a little “spring cleaning” and a great way to help remove toxins and restore deficiencies, while giving your liver a little extra love. This was my introduction to EquiLife (along with my IHP certifications) and I’ve been a fan ever since. My clients have also had incredible success with this detox!

Universal Binder! I love this before sauna sessions, hot yoga, or when I’m going to eat something I don’t typically consume (like alcohol or fried food).

Full-spectrum magnesium. I take this every night and sleep like a baby 🙂 It’s improtant to use a balanced magensium which includes different forms. They all have a different purpose and work together.

Daily Nutritional Support. I have this every day, as a protein pudding (mixed with some Truvani or NOW Foods protein), in my oatmeal, or in a smoothie. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients and makes an awesome daily multivitamin.

The best weighted blanket. I’m writing this post in advance and crossing my fingers it’s part of the sale!

Big 5 labs and Starter Kit discount. This is one of the only times that the five major labs are discounted together. You can purchase the labs with those links, and if you’d like me to be the one to go over them with you, please email me before ordering (gina@fitnessista.com subject LABS). I can include my Vitality platform for you, a coaching call, and can make sure your results are tracked to me.

Have an amazing day and I’ll see you soon!


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