May 2018 Workout Calendar

Hi friends! Here is your May Workout calendar: a mix of strength, cardio, HIIT, and rest for awesome results and to shake things up as we head into summer.

You can download a printable and clickable PDF here:

May 2018 Workout PDF

All workouts are linked below. If you’re looking for more personalized plans based on your unique goals and preferences, check out the all-new Fit Guides! Happy May 🙂

May 1: Core & Leg Burning Workout + Tabata Tuesday 🙂

2: Easy steady state- 30 minutes

3: Upper Body Burner + HIIT the Hills

4: OFF

5: Strength + HIIT Video or Post

6: Easy steady state

7: Upper Body Circuit Workout + Hills 

8: Love Your Booty Workout + Quick HIIT

9: OFF

10: Treadmill Sprint Workout

11: Total Body Strength and Power Workout

12: Easy steady state

13: OFF

14: Upper Body Workout + Pilates Core

15: Lean Leg Workout Video or Post 

16: Easy steady state

17: OFF

18: Sun’s Out Guns Out + HIIT 

19: Lower Body Circuit Workout + 5-Minute Fiery Ab Burner 

20: Treadmill workout

21: OFF

22: Tabata Strength Combo Workout

23: Easy steady state

24: Barre strength + Barre Tabata

25: OFF

26: Circuit Workout with a Twist 

27: Cardio/treadmill workout

28: Upper Body Blitz + Barre Ab Burner

29: Spring Leg Burner

30: OFF

31: Wild card

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