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Fitbloggin’: Conference recap

[Warning: long photo bomb of a post ahead]

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I haven’t been to a ton of blog conferences in my 5 years of blogging, but of those I’ve attended, Fitbloggin’ was by far my favorite. It made me wish I would have gone sooner! Roni, who founded Fitbloggin’ and coordinates everything herself, does an incredible jobs of providing informative sessions, fun events and a variety of workout options during the 3-day event.

There were no official events on Thursday -just a welcome and registration- so I spent the entire day and evening with friends.

I was so excited to see Anne‘s lovely face:

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We caught up over breakfast -I’m going to post all of the restaurant recaps later, since they were legendary- and then took a vinyasa yoga class at Yoga Pearl. It wasn’t quite as hot as my usual yoga class, and was also longer (90 minutes instead of my usual 30). We held each chatarunga for 3 long, painful breaths, and also practiced inversions and handstands. My arms were on FIYAH.

I loved the vibe of the studio: clean, open, serene.

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Yoga 1 of 1 2

Yoga 1 of 1 4

They also have a small cafe with lots of vegan/vegetarian options:

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We met up with some friends for lunch, exploring,

Photo 1

dinner and cocktails that night before heading back to the hotel to get ready for Friday’s events.

The entire conference was located at The Nines in downtown Portland, which is a stunning boutique hotel. The rooms were absolutely gorgeous:

Hotel 1 of 1

Hotel 1 of 1 4

(the color scheme reminds me of our beloved One Ocean in Jacksonville) and it was walking distance from a ton of shops and restaurants. We only had to take a cab once to head to a couple of places over the river.

We also walked a ton during our trip, and by the water a couple of times. The scenery was breathtaking.

on the bridge

Friday and Saturday workouts:

The day started off bright and early with an IntenSati class taught by Patricia Moreno. Since it was called “cardio dance,” I was expecting the type of dance combos I teach at work. When she said she’d be leading an IntenSati class, I was thrilled. I had a guest Focus On post for the blog about it and have always wanted to take a class. The class consisted of powerful combo movements (lots of punching, reaching and pushing) in addition to what Patricia called “Miracle-Causing Mantras.” It’s a technique to drown out negative thoughts and energy, while manifesting positive thoughts and actions. In addition to being an insanely talented dancer, Patricia was so inspirational. She spoke about her history with weight issues, eating disorders and negative body image, and how her thoughts used to control her, making her unhealthy habits even worse. After she spoke, we started to get into the routine, loudly affirming the miracle-causing mantras which included phrases like:

“I am powerful beyond measure.”

“I am stronger than I seem.”

“I have enough. I AM enough.”

Fitbloggin 1 of 1 2

There was something truly inspirational about being in a group of women (and some dudes!), proclaiming their strength and confidence. I’m a huge believer that thoughts become actions, and by changing your thoughts, you change who you are. After we finished, and I was drenched in sweat and ready to CONQUER something, it was time for Zumba ๐Ÿ˜‰


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