Favorite things giveaway: Juil flats

Hi! Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far!

Onto today’s favorite things giveaway, courtesy of my friends at Juil! (They also offered a discount code; just enter “FITNESSISTA15” to get 15% off through next Tuesday.)


These are the flats I’ve been living in this fall.

Juil  1 of 1

If you’re not familiar with the Juil brand, they specialize in grounding shoes. The concept of grounding (also called earthing), involves the benefits we receive from close proximity to the earth’s surface. You may notice that you feel different when you walk barefoot on the earth, as opposed to strapped into the thick shoes and walking on cement. Through copper points in these shoes, the free radicals (which cause inflammation in the boxy) can be neutralized and released through the earth. I always feel more energized and light on my feet when I’m wearing grounding shoes.

Grounding shoes have not always been the most fashion forward, but Juil has dramatically changed that. Their shoes are absolutely gorgeous, well-constructed with leather, and feel like a DREAM.

Juil  1 of 1 2

I asked Juil if they’d be interested in participating in this week’s giveaway, and they generously offered flats to two very lucky readers.

The style I’m wearing above are the Aria, but I also have my eyes on the Ohk!


Ohk copy

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

-Leave a comment with something that helps to energize you throughout the day

-Bonus comment: follow me on Pinterest and leave an extra comment to let me know!



These favorite things giveaways aren’t sponsored; just wanted to share some of my favorite products and companies with you all! All giveaways for this week will end Saturday at midnight EST.

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  1. I’m just going to be honest and say caffeine!

  2. I follow on pinterest!

  3. Working out outside energizes me!!

  4. Coffee and a nugget of dark chocolate work wonders on my energy and mood. Chocolate erryday!
    I’ve been on a 5 year search for the perfect neutral flat. Juil sounds like an amazing brand.

  5. Something that energizes me throughout the day is just a change of scenery. I’ll get up and take a quick walk down the hall, fill up my water bottle, and then I feel ready to get back to work.

  6. My coffee literally energizes me, but so do my kid’s bright shining faces.

  7. Tamara Dabic says:

    A brisk walk during lunch usually does the job for me!

  8. The wonderful, motivated people that I work with keep me energized every day. When times are tough I look at them and think, “We’ll get through this together.”

  9. A cup of tea at work usually does the trick, or getting up and stand at our island when I’m starting to feel a little tired.

  10. Going to the gym energizes me! No matter how tired I am before the gym; I always leave feeling refreshed.

  11. I get energized by a solid, healthy breakfast! Whenever I pick the unhealthy option, my stomach is sad and I feel sluggish. Healthy isn’t always the most fun but it really perks me up!!

  12. Crossing items off my to do list energizes me. I have a hard time getting started, but once I have checked off the first item, I can’t wait to knock out the whole list!

  13. Green juice energizes me!

  14. I get hour lunch breaks and instead of going out and buying lunch I go to the gym in my building and workout! Not only do I feel refreshed, I also save money by bringing my own lunch from home!

  15. I try to fit in an afternoon workout — it is amazing how much energy that gives me! I feel like a new woman!

  16. Something that energizes me throughout the day? There’s the obvious: water, a quick walk around the building, or the daily text messages from my sisters with pictures of my nieces and nephews. But then there’s also the deep breath, eyes closed, and the reminder that this is not where it all ends. Helping to see the big picture and not get lost in the minutaie (sp) of the day-to-day slog is amazing for helping me rebalance, refocus, and move forward with renewed vigor.

  17. I love a quick walk outside to energize my day!

  18. Following on Pinterest!

  19. Amanda Noelle says:

    My Orangetheory workouts exhaust me, and then energize me. 😛

  20. Amanda Noelle says:

    (Following you on Pinterest, too)

  21. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Time spent stretching and coffee!

  22. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Pinterest follower- jaclynfett

  23. Working out and plenty of COFFEE energize me throughout the day 🙂

  24. I follow you on Pinterest (noteasybeingez)

  25. For me it’s an yummy green juice I usually make as my afternoon snack! Such a pick me up!

  26. I love taking a short walk throughout the day. It really helps energize me and helps me refocus

  27. I follow you on Pinterest

  28. Bites of chocolate!

  29. I follow on Pinterest

  30. A brisk little walk to move my body helps to kick me back into gear.

  31. I follow on pinterest

  32. Going outside for a walk energizes me!

  33. And I followed you on Pinterest.

  34. Keeping my thoughts positive really does wonders.

  35. Seeing my bambino energizes me!

  36. Caffeine is something that helps to energize me throughout the day.

  37. When I get home from work and walk the dogs, I get energized. Their energy is contagious.

  38. I am following on pinterest as Boxerlover22

  39. Stretching in the morning energizes me. Also, coffee!

  40. How do you keep you juil flats from getting scratched up? I bought a pair wore them once and was disappointed in the wear. They were definitely comfortable but not sure I would buy again after getting so messed up from one time.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i would email or call them; that shouldn’t happen. i’ve had mine for months and wear them a ton, and they aren’t scratched at all.

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