Pics from lately

(our first weekend in San Diego!)

Smoothie and coffee with this lovely lady and her little guy:

W whit

(Livi was behind me in the wagon. It’s so much fun to walk around with her cruising in the wagon)

Baby acai bowl:

Baby acai  1 of 1

Seals in La Jolla:

A jolla seals

Date night = takeout from OB Noodle House (the pho was to diiieeeeee for) and Super Eight

Noodle house

(note the pathetic beggar in the top right corner)

Swinging at the park:


We took the dogs to the dog park, too. Caro has already elected herself as Mayor.

Our first trip to the glorious Hillcrest Farmer’s Market:

W sonoran hotdog  1 of 1

(bacon-wrapped hot dogs)

Flowers for days:

Flowers  1 of 1 7

My mango chili lime drink:

W mango chili lime  1 of 1

The goods:

Farmers market goodies  1 of 1

(Goat Greek yogurt, artichokes, tomatoes, strawberries, fish ceviche and chips. The ceviche has already disappeared)

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  1. looks like a beautiful spring in SD! πŸ™‚

  2. Awe I’m so glad you and your fam are settling in and loving San Diego!! πŸ™‚ Looks like a lovely day!

  3. Must learn more about these acai bowls? What is in them?

  4. i would have fought you for the ceviche πŸ˜‰ oh you and i would be a fun pair πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ great pics girl!

  5. That mango chili lime drink sounds amazing! It looks beautiful there!

  6. Next time you are at Hillcrest, you must try the crepes at the end!

  7. San Diego looks like so much fun! My boyfriend and I were thinking about visiting San Francisco this summer (just for fun) but I might convince him to visit San Diego instead.

  8. Love the flowers! It looks chilly there…lol!

  9. That acai bowl looks amazing. What’s in them?

  10. everything looks so delicious. i remember watching an episode of diners drive ins and dives where he went to the OB noodle house and I was DROOLING over how good the pho looked.

  11. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves in SD!!

  12. Shaina Anderson says:

    hillcrest! aaaaah. you make my heart ache for SD haha.

  13. The mango chili lime is one of my faves. You need to make sure you stop at the green truck next time at the farmers market… or just stalk them on their website to see where near you they will be.

  14. Farmers Markets are the best!!
    The Acai Bowl looks delicious too. Glad you had a great first weekend in SD!!

  15. what all goes into the acai bowl?

  16. Looks like you guys are settling into CA well! You look adorable with that mango drink-love your hair style!

  17. Looks like SD is a perfect fit for you all! I would feel like its a daily vacation!

  18. You should try the Little Italy farmers market on Saturdays. It was my favorite when I lived in SD! Little Italy also has a bunch of cute stores and yummy restaurants to explore!

  19. Looks like you’re loving it!

  20. Katie Fox says:

    Yum! The Acai bowl looks incredible! Do you have a recipe? Perfect breakfast or snack for warmer weather πŸ™‚ So glad you guys are settling in and enjoying SD!

  21. Looks like you guys are settling into San Diego and having fun! I love the La Jolla sea lions and, well, La Jolla in general. So many great food options there – that ceviche looks amazing!

  22. yay so fun! I love sandiego, and I am just up the road (:

  23. Love the pics, looks beautiful there!!
    I received 2 artichokes in my last CSA basket and have no idea what to do with them, any good recipe ideas??

  24. Love the Hillcrest Farmers Market, have you been to the Little Italy one on Saturday yet?

  25. That farmers market looks legit! I can’t wait for ours to start.

  26. You look beautiful in the photo with the mango drink! Just glowing!!

  27. We were there yesterday too, and came home with a basket of strawberries looking iust like those! We love to start at The Great Maple for breakfast (gets crazy busy, but they take reservations) and then head to the farmers’ market. Perfect Sunday morning in sd!

  28. Welcome to SD! Would love to meet up and try out some cool healthy spots πŸ™‚

  29. Looks like everyone is adjusting well and you’re having some amazing adventures checking out your new place!

  30. Love Hillcrest farmer’s market. I got strawberries, tamales (crepe line was insane!) and that ceviche. Strawbs and ceviche were gone in about 10 minutes after getting home πŸ™‚

  31. Looks lovely!

  32. You should try the Little Italy farmers market – it’s my fav!

    LOVE OB Noodle House!

  33. that hot dog…i need it in my life.

    that is all. πŸ™‚

  34. Great pictures! OB Noodle House is my favorite!! I used to live across the street. Also try the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. It’s huge!

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