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Hi! I’m so glad you guys are loving the 10 days of giveaways! Apologies for the blog crashing last night, too. Turns out she was just excited about some Stitch Fix clothes. I wish I could do giveaways like this all the time- it’s been so much fun. The good news is that we’ll have some more fun prizes on the way in January with Winter Shape Up.

I have some exciting news about WSU this year: I’ve teamed up with my good friend Anne to provide the meal ideas and grocery lists. I’ve been wanting to get the help of a Registered Dietician for some time -as I don’t feel totally comfortable giving out whole meal plans, as I’m only a certified personal trainer- and she’ll help create satisfying combos for fitness performance and fat loss, if that’s your goal. I’m really excited about it!

Pho w anne  1 of 1

(she was there for my first pho ever. It was a big deal)

At the gym where I’ll most likely be teaching Zumba, they gave me a free 2-week pass to check out the facilities and classes. Last night, I decided to venture out for some cardio and weights and.. I forgot how it felt to be the only girl in a room full of muscle dudes. It was PACKED in there, bench space was limited, and I had to grab the weights I needed for a tiny pod of space to strength train. I got pretty comfy working out at work, and late at night, I often had the entire gym to myself. Not the case anymore!

Here are some of the things that have helped me with the intimidation factor in the past:

1) Have a plan. I know what I’m doing for training now, and walk in the gym with a solid plan, but even back in the day -when I did arm and ab exercises everyday. Fail- I still pretended like I knew what I was doing. Keep moving, keep working, and get it over with.

2) Focus on your own workout. Everyone is usually too busy to worry about their own workout to care what you’re doing. Even if they’re not, see #3

3) Wear headphones. You pretend you don’t hear anything and are super into your playlist/workout. 

4) Laugh in your brain when you grab a heavier barbell than one of said muscle dudes.

Dinner was a classic fave, using some wild rockfish I got on sale at Whole Foods. (Usually fish, on sale, in Arizona, is a scary concept but it looked fresh and beautiful.) 

Grilled in foil packs with garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, butter and capers

Fish  1 of 1

along with some multicolored carrots and spinach. 


(Phone pic… our kitchen lighting is a little horrible at night)

One thing I’ve noticed in the winter months that it’s more challenging to get Livi to eat green veggies since there isn’t much available. We do a lot of frozen broccoli, peas and zucchini, but I’d love any ideas you may have, too. When we’ve been slacking on produce, a green juice usually does the trick… especially since she’ll slurp it up and leave me about 1/8 😉

Dessert was courtesy of Janae from Hungry Runner Girl. She sent me an amazing goodie package with lipgloss, nail polish, leggings (exactly like the cute printed ones she’s been wearing), lotion, a hat for Bella…

Goodies fromjanae

(so it wasn’t originally for Bella, but I was sure that she wanted to try it out haha) and chocolate-covered Oreos. They were amaaaaaazing- just right with my glass of vino.

Today, Livi and I are off to get the favorite things packages put together for the winners, and maybe heading to the children’s museum. Hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see ya later with a giveaway!



Do you slack on veggies during the winter season? 

Have you ever felt intimidated in the strength training room with a bunch of dudes? When I was first getting started in fitness, I was extremely intimidated, especially since I didn’t have a solid fitness plan. I think it’s so important to get over that fear, especially now that I’m looking back on how I originally felt. Everyone in the gym has a goal and a right to feel comfortable as they work to achieve it. I think, if anything, everyone is silently cheering each other on and would love to high-five one another. I would, at least 😉

And just in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when an almost two year old wants to wear your hoodie:

Livi in hoodie

hashtag tiny wizard.

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  1. Eileen on December 11, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Hi Gina,

    I really enjoy your web site!

    In the winter I roast veggies, throw spinach or kale into soup. Also, I steam and mash cauliflower and sometimes mix with the boursin cheese to have instead of mash potatoes. And I make turkey bolognese- double up on carrots, throw bell peppers in there and sometimes pureed butternut squash. My little ones love broccoli. The older one I usually make a small salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and some greens and toss with olive oil and vinegar and have him get started on it while I’m finishing up dinner (like an appetizer). But the 1 year old has a strange sense for veggies- he can find the most miniscule vegetable in his food and toss it to the side.

    As for the gym, I go in there put my headphones on, always with a plan and I’m out. I’m also there at 6 am so most people there are pretty serious and in and out as well.

  2. Hayley on December 11, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Hey Gina
    I’ve been making warm kale and goat cheese salad (wonder who inspired that!).
    My number three baby is a total pain with veg. She can spot a courgette at 20 paces but then she is the only one who laps up Mummy’s Green Slime. They are all so different!
    Totally with you on having a plan at the gym. Go in, hit it hard, feel like a rock star with the heavy weights!

  3. amybtwink on December 13, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    I wish I could take a Zumba class from you! Fun!

    Agree with having a plan in mind. I have started writing down my workouts so I don’t forget what I did one day to the next. I am a spaz about remembering!

  4. Brianna K. @ Hungry Gator Gal on December 14, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    I sometimes go through phases where all I want to eat are carbs, nut butter and other snacky foods. If I’m feeling this way, I often drink a glass or two of V8 to “sneak” in the veggies.

    In terms of my experience at the gym, I don’t feel intimidated anymore. I usually have a plan and stick to it, which keeps me from thinking about others. The guys stare sometimes because I’m doing unconventional exercises, but I really could care less.

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