How my workouts have changed- 3rd trimester

Today’s workout was brought to you by the letter “O.”


Thank you Oprah, for entertaining me as I walked around the indoor base track for an hour.

The looks I’ve been getting at the base gym during my workouts have recently changed from “wow, I’m kind of impressed that girl is doing push-ups on a stability ball” to “ohmygod she looks like she’s going to pop at any second.” I really think people might be afraid I’m going to have my baby at the base gym. If anyone asks me when I’m due, I’ll probably say “Today! Isn’t that exciting?!” just to mess with them. gym

As I get closer to the most important finish line of my life thus far, things have slowed way, way down. I just don’t have the energy that I used to, I feel heavy, and my hips ache sporadically during the day. Walking, light weight training and riding slowly on the spin bike are some of the few things that feel really good, and last Saturday was my last day teaching Zumba until after the baby. Leading up to the class, I was pretty bummed about it…. I thought I would probably cry when class was over. Instead, I was glad. It was challenging to get through –even though a friend taught a few songs in the middle to give me a break- and I knew that it was my last day teaching Zumba for reason.

I’m still working/teaching for a few more weeks (and am in a Zumba dance for the recital this week) but much more low-key than my usual schedule. Weight room shifts, stretch, beginning aerobics/strength training and treadmill classes (where I lead the class with a microphone). Very easy, and I’m very thankful. My body decided to kick into slow motion at the exact same time my schedule was set to change. My bosses and scheduler are ninjas like that.

So here’s what I think it’s going to look like until the little one arrives:

-Walking, walking, walking. When I walk, it’s slow –a nice elderly gentleman passed me about 4 times the other night- and I wear my belly support belt. I’ll also listen to a podcast or read while I walk just to keep myself entertained. I also walk Bella at the park, but since it’s freezing and none of my North Face jackets fit me, we haven’t gone for a few nights. I’m thinking of taking her tonight and layering Tom’s sweatshirts. They smell like him, which automatically makes them cozier.


-Weight training. It’s a little awkward with the belly, but still feels good to work my muscles a little bit. I’ve been focusing on lots of back and leg exercises (to help with core strength and squatting during labor), in addition to the regular mix of muscle training. I’ve had to take the weight down for every exercise, and do less reps so that I’m not quite as sore.


-Yoga? I might actually enjoy the prenatal podcasts that I thought were super lame in the beginning of pregnancy. There’s no way I could do vinyasa right now –even though I took a couple of awesome classes in San Diego- as it just seems like it would be too much. I just want to breathe and stretch.

-Dance. I take an awesome DJ Dance Cardio class with my friend Marisa, and will still Zumba even though I’m on Zumba teaching hiatus. I don’t want to totally lose my mojo and the bonus is that since I’m not teaching, I can take it easy instead of feeling like I have to go full-out. The good news is that from assisting classes at work (assistants show low-impact modifications during class), I’m a pro at modifying.

Working out throughout my pregnancy has been extremely helpful in many of ways. The baby loves the endorphins as much as I do, and I’m hoping that it will make labor, delivery and recovery much easier. Most importantly, it’s really taught me how to tune in with my body and go with how it was feeling. There were quite a few days where I really needed to just lay on the couch, which is what I did (and it was awesome), and other days when a short weights session and leisurely walk put an extra pep in my step.

Our bodies really are intelligent machines. They tell us what they need- it’s just up to us to listen <3

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  1. When my boyfriend went to BCT, he left his Army sweatshirt with me because he knows I love it- it’s SO soft, it feels like it’s lined with angel wings. And it smells like him. So, when I told him I was bummed that it would smell like ME after the first weeks… he left his cologne with me, too 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      ahh i love it 🙂
      whenever tom is deployed, i’ll wear his t-shirts and sweatshirts around the house, and to sleep in. the best

      • I do this too! But after a few months the smell eventually wears off :-/ One day I went to the men’s cologne section at Macy’s and got a sample of what he wears and put it on his sweatshirt 🙂 haha! My mom thought I was crazy but unless you’ve gone through, you don’t understand.

        • I do it too, even though Jase doesn’t get deployed for military reasons, so it’s not like he’s in a dangerous situation (although hanging around psych wards can be harrowing, it’s not usually life-threatening). I don’t know how I’d cope if he was heading off to a war zone.

    • (I dont know ANYTHING about the military) How long is he at BCT Michele? That was nice of him to leave you his sweatshirt!

      • BCT is just the abbreviation for basic (combat) training. It was 10 weeks, last year. And I definitely slept in the sweatshirt… even in the South.. in May 🙂

        • It must have been hard for him to be away for so long. I don’t know how you military wives/girlfriends deal with your husbands/boyfriends being away in such a dangerous place. I have a cousin who is in the army and he was injured in Afghanistan last year and is going back to active duty in a few months. I envy how well you handle them being away. I’m sure it gets easier (but still scary)

  2. Gina, you look amazing for being in your third trimester!!

  3. That’s awesome you were able to teach Zumba classes as long as you did! I hope the hiatus from it just makes you that much more invigorated to teach again after baby!

  4. Gina, preserve your energy! you will need it to pop out the little one 😉

  5. You look amazing! Endorphins are such a wonderful thing…It can change your day, mood, and skin! I was just talking about endorphins today with my client who just gave birth to her 3rd baby boy. She told me this is her year to start fresh, take care of herself, so she can take care of her family. Well said! Have a great night!

  6. You’ll be glad you stayed active during your pregnancy. Out of my 3 pregnancies, I was most active with my second (was headed to the gym the day I delivered!). It was definitely my easiest delivery. He popped right out with no drugs and a super quick recovery, too!

  7. Okay, just wanted to say that you are an inspiration! By listening to your body but still keeping up with exercise to where it feels GOOD rather than bad all throughout pregnancy is amazing! I aspire to do the same when I am pregnant!

  8. You’re at the place where just moving, just one foot in front of the next, is a big task! I remember it and your description of being relieved when class was over and an elderly man passing you…yeah, I can relate to those memories and good for you that you’re scaling things back and just doing what you can.

    All I did for MOST of my pregnancy was walk. I had a hard time doing yoga; I was sick, tired, or just..not into it with rare exception. Ironic, eh? Walking was my salvation and my #1 thing.

    You’re so close! Congrats!

  9. Girl how are you doing push ups on the stability ball in your 3rd semester?!?!? I can barely do one and I’m not even pregnant! I want to see a video 🙂 Maybe something’s wrong with my ball…

  10. Ahahahah “today!!” — I love messing with people.

  11. My uber athletic SIL had a similar experience to you, really active until about a month before. She did keep up swimming and swam this past Friday morning and gave birth on Saturday morning. Crazy! But her labor was only 8 hours…sounds a lot better than some horror stories I’ve heard! Being fit has got to help make it easier, I’m convinced of it!

  12. You are such an inspiration for a healthy pregnancy. I have the utmost respect for you and you are a fabulous mother 🙂

  13. This may be a dumb question…but it seems like you are continuing to wear your old workout gear through your pregnancy. Are you worried that the belly is stretching it out? Do you plan to replace it or is it just high quality stuff that you expect will “bounce back”?

    It’s been so much fun to keep up with your pregnancy, you are doing great!!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thanks, girl!
      it’s the same lulu stuff.. i’m hoping it will bounce back! when i was it, it doesn’t appear to have stretched that much

  14. It’s amazing how long you were able to teach through your pregnancy. I know all this exercise will make it that much easier for you to come back and recover.

  15. Amazing! I cannot believe you lasted teaching Zumba until now. You are amazing.

  16. I was just catching up a bit of blog reading (in bed, as you do) and saw your ‘what if she is a he?’ post. My mum ‘knew’ she was having a girl (this was based on gut feeling, family trend, shape of bump and something involving a pendulum..). She had my name picked and the room decorated complete with letters on the door. When I was two weeks old everyone decided that the name (Stephanie) did not suit me and it was changed. I, personally, see no reason why a baby can’t grow into any name (except maybe something like ‘Tutu’), but have you thought about what you’d do if she didn’t ‘seem’ like an ILLAI (or whatever those letters were)? Or maybe you are super tuned in to your girl already and just got it right.

  17. You are so inspiring for continuing to do what you can to stay fit throughout your pregnancy! I am seriously in awe of you! 😀

  18. SO funny, I love the comment about messing with people by saying your due date is that day! Hopefully, this won’t happen to you but both my kids were 41 weekers. When you’re that pregnant…..there’s not a whole lot that you can do to have some fun or lighten the mood but I always loved when someone gave me the ole, “Oh honey, (uncomfortable look) when are you due?” and I would say, “Last Monday! (Big smile!)” and just keep walking, people are funny!

  19. I really appreciate these posts. My husband and I will shortly be starting to try for a baby and I always wonder how my body will react or handle exercise being pregnant. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  20. Lookin’ good, girl! I love coming to your blog for a little pick-me-up. 🙂

  21. You are such an inspiration to a non-pregnant girl (me!). If you could find time and energy throughout pregnancy (and you are already almost full term) then it just makes me have more incentive to find the time myself to get in my daily burns. Great job! Can’t wait to see your little one!

  22. During my pregnancy I taught that walking will be my number 1 thing but by the end of it I almost couldn’t walk at all (i’d get a contraction after 2-3 steps) but I could do prenatal yoga and pilates and stretching without any problem! i loved it! so it really is completely different-our body tells us what’s right for us.

  23. love reading your stuff! I am 26 weeks along myself and teach group fitness at the local YMCA- including zumba! I’m impressed- you taught zumba until you were 30-something weeks? I am just now starting to feel like slowing down and am hoping to make it a few more weeks. Any secrets to share?

  24. I have to say, I am SO SO glad to have found your website. I also love to workout and eat healthy. I have enjoyed reading your posts on the baby, pregnancy, and life in general. I am 25 weeks pregnant now, and still doing my Chalene workouts, and i feel great. I feel better when i do workout, but at the same time, just like you posted when you need to rest your body totally tells you its time.
    Keep up the great posts !! 🙂

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