2/25: Thoughts from the week

-The Jewel lullaby CD is AMAZING. It was a gift to Livi from her nana, and we made it part of the bedtime ritual. Meal time, bath, lotion, brush her hair, read a story, then put Jewel on to sway, bounce or rock her to sleep. By the yodel song (which I think is #6?) she usually has her eyes shut, mouth wide open, and is cooing/snoring softly. Even though I miss her while she’s sleeping, the bedtime rituals are some of my many favorite parts of the day. Tom and I will be in the nursery together, while one of us helps her relax and fall asleep, the other one there to keep us company. There is nothing in the world like listening to gorgeous, sweet lullabies and watching your husband rock your baby to sleep.

Bravado nursing bras rock my world. The thought of wearing underwire ever again makes me cringe…

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The style I have feels like a dream, but the downside is that it looks like a band-aid. Mama wants some pink… or lace.

-WE’RE SLEEPING! <—I had to yell it. I have energy again 😉 She goes to bed now by 8, we feed her at 11, and she’ll wake up between 3-4:30 and again at 7ish. Sometimes she’ll even go back to sleep with me after eating until 8 or so. It feels so good to get some zzzz’s again, and she seems even more content during the day now that she’s getting quality sleep.

-We think Liv kinda looks like the Monsters, Inc. girl, who is pretty stinkin’ adorable.

boo4 Source

-She’s starting to babble, coo and smile like crazy. It’s so much fun to have *conversations* with her, and every day, she does something new to amaze me.

-Her two-month shots are the week after this week, and I’ve been dreading them for quite a while. I cry when I get a shot, so I have a feeling that we’ll both shed some tears. (If you’re not down with vaccinating, that’s cool, but we’ve researched and made the decision to vaccinate quite a while ago.) If you have any tips or advice on how to make the two-month shots a little easier on her, please let me know <3

-I hadn’t counted them all up yet, but my mom told me tonight that Livi has 15 grandparents, since there are quite a few divorced and remarried couples in the fam, great grandparents and her great-great grandmother. She is a very lucky lady to be surrounded by so much love.

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  1. Marie on February 28, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    We didn’t give Tylenol before & our twins were always fine afterwards. If the dr recommends, they have it there and can give right dosage. We always had a paci and/or bottle ready, so maybe try breastfeeding her right away? We love our pedi (so do our kids) & nurses. They make it super fast. They are four now but didn’t cry for shots since they were three. They get excited for the band-aids & don’t even notice the shots. So, try to distract her some how. I know holding her down seems hard but I’d rather do that then have them prick her hand or other parts of the body, etc. Sorry this is late, I’m behind on blog reading. Hope that helps some. I hate shots though, and can never look.

  2. Shaina Anderson on June 16, 2012 at 1:05 am

    I’m just going back and reading some of the posts that pertain to where we are now with Tripp. I know you’re just aout done with the pumping thing….but for next time: http://shopcoobie.com/

    No underwire, one size fits most, detachable straps and they come in hot pink and every other color of the rainbow! They are amazing!

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