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deployment blues

he’s finally home

After 7 long months, the Pilot is finally back! He was deployed, which was a huge reason why we came back to Tucson. I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to post more about it in the moment. With past deployments (this was #4!), I’d usually avoid talking about it for as long as possible, and…

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Cloud Zen

Hi friends! How was your day? So glad you guys liked the Pilot’s guest post. I love when he posts- not only because it helps me out on busy mornings, but because I LURVE his writing. And his smile… and his biceps… I could go on 😉 Here’s the scary video of him (voluntarily) being…

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What I’m Thinking

-Who needs house fragrance when you have Meyer Lemon Lavender macaroons? (Keep those giveaway entries coming!) -I bought cereal, which is a rarity, because I could eat half a bowl or the entire box and feel the same. It IS delicious, though. I chose this type because it’s gluten-free and has the word “Mesa” on…

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Some Things I’m Loving Right Now

Soup and salad I upgraded from “family of 2-sized salad bowl” to “family of 4” A new oil warmer from the Body Shop. It’s the fastest way to fragrance a room and I love the Sandalwood Ginger scent. Things that I *think* make me more productive: Do they really work? I have no idea. Big,…

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Le Sigh

Hi friends <3 Just wanted to post a little how-ya-doin’ and let you know I’m gonna take the night off tonight. It was a cuhrazy day I’m gonna chill for a second, get tomorrow’s WMOW post together, and call it a night. See ya in the morning! xoxo

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The Downhill Slope

Hey everyone! How’s your Friday treating you?? Hope you’re having a great day <3 LOVED all of the purse links. Thank you for encouraging my supreme shopping addiction 😉 I’M IN ORLANDO!   Scamp is so excited because Viesa is here, too. He keeps trying to kiss her on the mouth. Bella is his friend,…

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Hey guys! How are ya? Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far. Thanks for the awesome feedback on the Reader’s Request post– I loved hearing about your fave healthier drinks. Sometimes…. I use a salad beast as a means to consume a ridiculous amount of dressing Instead of making a real pizza crust, I…

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Stop messing with me, run

Helloooooo 😀 How’s your day going? Mine has been bueno- especially since I conquered an 8 miler with Meara. I expressed my anxiety via Twitter, and was so thankful to see tweets of motivation flowing in—ya’ll are amazing! I don’t know why I’ve been getting so nervous about long runs lately. Last night, I was…

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Happy Birthday, Pilot

I owe ya a red velvet cake…. or maybe a beer cake 😉 We miss and love you <3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ So today was a classic example of the fact that sometimes it’s hard to take your own advice. Case in point: Yes, I ran the 5k this morning. I woke up and didn’t feel 100%,…

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