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Breakfast pizza

Two days in a row of seeing the sun rise (it’s amazing what an extra hour or two will give ya in the morning) and this breakfast. I call it breakfast pizza, but it’s more like an unrolled wrap. Same thing 😉 Brown rice tortilla with Dijon spread onto it, 2 eggs, goat cheese, mixed…

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“What are you doing New Year’s

New Year’s Eveeeee?” If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s super cute. They just belong together. Something to look forward to in the New Year? More INDIAN FOOD 🙂   As you guys know, my beloved cuisine has taken a backseat to Thai since we haven’t really found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that…

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If you wait until the last minute….

it only takes a minute. We did SO much today! We were all over Tucson, running from doc appointments, elf errands, BX, grocery store, PetSmart… and I only took a few pics throughout the day :/ My lunch from Renee’s Organic Oven:   Tonight’s dinner: (rotisserie chicken, Alexia fries and salad with beets, arugula, goat…

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Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Hey friends <3 How’s your day going? So glad you enjoyed the step video and I’m happy to hear I wasn’t alone in the leotard over shorts craze. If your mom/aunt/friend still has any hanging around, they’d be perfect components for a fitness-inspired Halloween costume. It’s been a pretty great humpday over here- work and…

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Rise and Zumba

Morning!! Happy Saturday <3 Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! I got everything ninja-kicked off the list yesterday: -made all the crazy phone calls and errands- I still can’t believe we get the house keys on Monday! -got robbed of blood   (Poor Pilot- I was squeezing his hand, HARD) -Trip to World…

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Date Night

Morning friends! Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comments on the house- we’re so excited. Last night, the Pilot and I decided to be social and went to the pool with Kyle and Meg. It was 103* at night (!) but I love Tucson summers… even though your shirt…

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Wait Date

Heyyyyy hey 🙂 It’s FRIDAY!!   (Viessy has a very hard life) 🙂 What are you up to this weekend?? Hope you have something fun going on! We have my “Detox is Over” party tomorrow night– I’m a little more than excited. LOVED reading your comments to last night’s post! It’s amazing how things work…

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We Have Life

Hey guys! It’s THE WEEKEND! What are you up to?? Remember those herbs we planted last week? We have LIIIIIIIFE! The dill is growing so quickly… And so is the RAINBOW CHARD! The future holds many bountiful salads 🙂 A blue jay has been munching out of the bird feeder while this sneaky squirrel keeps…

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