Vegan recipes

Apricot Mint and Cauliflower Rice Dolmas

Dolmas: For the filling: -1 C. dried apricots, plumped in water and finely chopped -1/2 head of cauliflower, processed in the food processor so that it resembles rice -juice of 1 lemon -heaping T. of fresh mint -2 T. chopped Italian parsely -1 clove garlic, finely minced -1/2 t. salt -pepper to taste -pinch of…

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Mediterranean Appetizer Trio

Yellow Almond-Flax Crackers -2 C. soaked almonds – ¾ C. water -1/2 t. sea salt -1 T. nutritional yeast -1/2 t. turmeric -1 t. chopped fresh oregano -1 T. ground flax seeds -2 T. lemon juice -1 T. cumin seed -salt and pepper to taste Blend all ingredients on high in the Vita-Mix until smooth.…

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Raw sloppy joes

Hi everyone! Hope your day is going well! I wanted to blog earlier but haven’t had the time—things have been extra ccrrraazzyy. But I’m here now 😀 Hi! I started the day with a new bfast… (I always take a drink before taking a picture of beverages in case I don’t like it and send…

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