Friday Faves 12.8

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re spending time with some of our favorite friends: dinner and Botanical gardens, stocking stuffer event, Waitress the Musical, and then pasta making and dinner. I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

Some random pics from the week:

Friday Faves 12.8

Christmas tree

Friday Faves 12.8 Christmas partyChristmas Illumination

Before we get into Friday Faves, a couple of quick notes:

THANK YOU x1000000 to those of you who have filled out my annual survey. Your feedback is invaluable to me and it’s made me so excited to start working on 2024 content. Please share your thoughts here!

You still have time to enter this year’s favorite things giveaway!!

If you’d like to be a holiday elf and support some children this year, check out this link to gift the Keiki of Maui. These are all children who were directly affected by the August wildfires in Maui, many of whom lost their homes and all of their belongings. This page also includes links to their Amazon wishlists, which will be shipped directly to the organization.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves roundup (just a little delayed posting on a Saturday) This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Friday Faves 12.8

Health, fitness, and good eats:

– I was invited to teach at the Fuel for Finals event at the University of Arizona for the College of Fine Arts. It was such a great event: a coffee cart, therapy dog, juice shots, snacks, a yoga class, and a mobility + stretching class (this is the one I taught) to help students unwind in between finals. Here is the playlist I used! We also did a 45-minute mobility flow with lots of dynamic and static stretching, plus an extra-long savasana.

Fuel for Finals event

– Fire cider. The crew and I picked this up at the farmer’s market last weekend. I’ve been a huge fan of fire cider for years (especially during this time of year) and now I’m inspired to try to make my own.

Fire cider

Fashion + beauty:

LOVING these new NOW products. I’m always blown away by the quality for the price, with excellent ingredients. Serum is here and eye cream is here (use code FITNESSISTA)

NOW products | Friday Faves 12.8

This Amazon sweater! So cute and inexpensive.

Striped Amazon sweater

(with these pants and these shoes)

Here are this week’s top gift guide picks:

These cute joggers

Everyday Chelsea boots

This swimsuit that I bought years ago and still love

The best half-zip 

An amazing gift for any pet lover

The gift that will make any little kid’s whole year

Still my favorite leggings 

A perfect stocking stuffer for your husband or partner

A Barbie dream house

This kids’ ruffle sweatshirt

You can check out my gift guide for her, for him, for the kids, and health and fitness gifts. Skincare faves, tweens, and under $100 are coming next week!

Read, watch, listen:

– We watched The Family Switch on Netflix the other night and all loved it. It was heartwarming, funny, appropriate for the little one, and the perfect amount of holiday cheer. Definitely recommend it!

Check out this week’s podcast episode here!

– I’ve been reading Fourth Wing and while it sucked me in initially, it’s dragon a bit (couldn’t help it lolz)… trying to get through it because I know it picks up at the end.

Happy Friday friends!



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  1. Christy on December 13, 2023 at 6:33 pm

    Hi there! I was curious about the gift that every kid would love. It linked to the Spanx sweatshirt.

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