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Homemade Orange Honey Body Wash

I told the Pilot that it’s time to prepare… my hippie is about to be unleashed in a serious way. Never before have I been in a land where all of these natural options are at my fingertips.  I fondly remember the time in Tucson when I called a natural health store to see if…

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Homemade Yoga Mat Spray

This homemade yoga mat spray will keep your yoga mat smelling fresh, even during a hot yoga class! I have a confession to make. My yoga mat was not the.. erm… freshest petunia in the land.  So I’m not exactly the stinky onion in class – at least I hope not?! oh no – but in…

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DIY Bath Bombs

Two things officially turned me into a bath person: our tub, which is much larger than any we’ve had in the past and LUSH bath bombs. It’s a huge deal, as I’ve always preferred showers, but there’s something seriously awesome about sitting in a super hot bathtub with your hair in a messy bun, a…

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DIY: refreshing rose facial spray

There are so many beautiful and extremely different personalities in our work locker room. We have the dancers, the spinners, the hardcore ass-kickers (that’s their official title), the yogis and more. Some flow from one type to the next–like the same airy fairy yoga instructor can kill you in bootcamp class. It’s amazing. I learn…

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DIY Toddler Valentines

It’s no coincidence that I suddenly became more crafty as Pinterest became more popular. I’m crafty. Someone else just needs to be crafty first and post their idea online 😉 So for that sake, I’m not going to even try to pretend I came up with this toddler valentine on my own –the original post…

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Meg: Winter Lip Care DIY

Lip scrub can be the key to helping your winter-dry lips when lip balm on its own isn’t cutting it. Here’s a simple, homemade lip scrub that you can keep on hand to use in a pinch. Perpetually chapped lips are something I have always dealt with. Even armed with a medicated chap stick, I…

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Meg: Holiday Yarn Wreaths

To say I’m excited for the holiday season is an extreme understatement. October is always a fun month filled with various birthdays, horror films, and Halloween festivities, but the moment November arrives, the world just seems a little brighter to me. Yes, I burn my Bath & Bodyworks Twisted Peppermint candle and squeal with joy when…

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