Vegan Eggnog (with cashews and turmeric)

Hey hey! Happy almost-Friday! Hope your week is going well? What are you up to this morning? I’m hitting the garage for a quick workout and getting things ready for a little road trip. We’re taking the girls on the Polar Express this weekend – it’s our first time going! – and I’m super excited.  

For today’s post, I’m bringing back a little blast from the past recipe that was in desperate need of new pictures.

Vegan eggless eggnog

(Back in the day, I had some pretty nifty ideas, paired with some pretty horrible photography skills.) I’m still a far cry from my friend Ashley, but I think the ol’ photos have improved from the small brown blurs of yore.

Vegan Eggnog

Anyway, let’s talk about this recipe! It’s a holly jolly holiday beverage, minus some of the ingredients that can make us want to crawl into hibernation. (Don’t worry, there’s still some booze in there if you want it!) For a creamy egg-less eggnog, I used my favorite strategy for awesome texture minus the dairy: soaked cashews, 

Soaked cashews

plus a little turmeric for that light golden egg-ish color.

Vegan eggnog! This eggless eggnog has all of the flavor and texture of regular eggnog. This is a festive and healthy holiday drink! Recipe here: #eggnogrecipe #veganeggnog #egglesseggnog

Simply soak the cashews overnight, add to a blender the next morning with the remaining ingredients, and blend it up until smooth.

You can even make this the night before a party so all of the ingredients have a chance to settle in the fridge (just give it a shake before serving.) 

Eggless Eggnog Recipe

Here’s the full recipe if you’d like to give it a try!

Vegan eggnog! This eggless eggnog has all of the flavor and texture of regular eggnog. This is a festive and healthy holiday drink! Recipe here: #eggnogrecipe #veganeggnog #egglesseggnog


Vegan “Egg-less” Eggnog


  • -2 C raw cashews, soaked for 2 hours and rinsed well
  • -2 C almond milk
  • -1 C light rum or 3/4 C bourbon (optional)
  • -1/2-1 t nutmeg (depending on how strong you want the nutmeg flavor)
  • -1 t cinnamon
  • -1 t vanilla
  • -pinch of sea salt
  • -1/8 t tumeric (optional, for color)
  • -Stevia, maple syrup, pure sugar or brown sugar, to taste (I used a generous drizzle of maple syrup)


  1. Add ingredients to blender and blend on high speed for 3 minutes until smooth


  • Serving Size: 2


Hope you have a great day and I’ll see ya in the morning with Friday Faves!



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  1. Megan @ Skinny Fitalicious on December 7, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Love soaked cashews as a dairy-free option! So creamy!!!

  2. Emily @ Pizza & Pull-Ups on December 7, 2017 at 9:43 am

    The pics are beautiful! I will have to give this a try, I would love a good dairy free eggnog option.

  3. Sara S on December 8, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    We are supposed to get snow tomorrow…this is sooooooo happening! YUM!

  4. Marcy Roll on December 25, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    What are the calories per serving?

    • Fitnessista on December 26, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      my guess would be around 175 per glass if the recipe makes 4 servings

  5. Olivia on May 14, 2018 at 3:17 am

    i will try this beautiful eggnog recipe ASAP

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