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Hiiiiii 😀 How are you? Hope you’re having a lovely morning, despite the chocolate and vino hangovers than many of ya might have 😉

I started off my morning with a bowl of breakfast quinoa:




-almond milk


-cinnamon, raw cacao powder, instant decaf espresso

-raw honey


A recent dinner:

Sautéed onions, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano


Quinoa pita/tortilla with marinara and goat cheese


Put it all together:


SO good 🙂

So, as you guys know, Winter Shape Up 2011 has come to an end.


I LOVED reading your success stories and workout re-caps. Mayjah props to everyone who participated and I hope you’re feeling a difference from all of your hard work! Quite a few of you mentioned that you had other spring fitness goals you were working on, too- hope you’ve been ninaja-kicking your goals, too. You’re all amazing <3

Here are two success stories that I received via email:

From Alicia

I’ve been following the WSU for the past 4 weeks. I still have my last workout scheduled for tomorrow, but I wanted to get my results in to you! My weight has been pretty steady throughout. But, I did see some loss in my measurements!

Waist: -.5" !!!!!!!

Chest: no change

Hips: -1.75

Thigh: -.75"

Arm: -.3"

Even more exciting I have seen my stamina building. I can tackle a full minute of burpees (minus the jump at the top) without giving up! Mountain climbers are still a struggle, but I’m gonna rock them in the next cycle of WSU! Thank you so much for giving me a guide to follow, love the links, I did have to look up a lot of the moves and then create stick figure drawing so I could remember! It was awesome to hear the other girls attacking it as well. I can’t wait to see my end results. I’m so ready for summer already!!!!!!

and from Carolyn <— real-life friend 🙂

Winter Shape Up was an awesome change to my fitness routine. I enjoyed trying a few new recipes and loved the design of the workouts because they kept me engaged and focused during each one. I supplemented my three weekly workouts with at least one hike and dance trance class. No measurements or weight loss to report-numbers make me compulsive but I can tell I have toned up. My face appears slimmer and the pants that were tight four weeks ago are now fitting great and even starting to get baggy in some areas! I plan to start Gina’s 12 Week Summer Shape Up (from 2009) next week and I am excited to see the physical changes and strength gains that will bring. Thanks for the great program design G!!


Don’t forget, you can repeat the program if you would like to make it last a little longer 🙂 (4 more weeks is the perfect amount of time until the sun starts to peak it’s sunny face out)

I’m off to teach, walk Bell, meet a friend for tea + acupuncture, then to Zuuuuuuumba!

See ya later today! I’m hoping to make a Gina-fied version of *this recipe* tonight 😀



*Still no word yet on where we’ll be stationed… hopefully soon! *fingers crossed*

Something to think:

Everyone Needs This List

  • The most destructive habit – Worry
  • The greatest joy – Giving
  • The greatest loss – The loss of self-respect
  • The most satisfying work – Helping others
  • The ugliest personality trait – Selfishness
  • The most endangered species – Dedicated leaders
  • Our greatest natural resource – Our youth
  • The greatest shot in the arm – Encouragement
  • The greatest problem to overcome – Fear
  • The most effective sleeping pill – Peace of mind
  • The most crippling failure disease – Excuses
  • The most powerful force in life – Love
  • The most dangerous pariah – A gossiper
  • The world`s most incredible computer – The brain
  • The worst thing to be without – Hope
  • The deadliest weapon – The tongue
  • The two most power-filled words – I Can
  • The greatest asset – Faith
  • The most worthless emotion – Self-pity
  • The most beautiful attire – A Smile
  • The most prized possession – Integrity
  • The most contagious spirit – Enthusiasm


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  1. Casey Thomas on February 15, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Love the list! Snapped me out of a funk today, thank you!

  2. Marta on February 16, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    i LOVE this list. I am tapping it inside my desk drawer. I’m a big worrier (I tend to dwell on the important things, like, you know, the rude lady on the metro or did I run enough), but I think it would bring a lot more positivity to my life if I didn’t let it get to me! Thanks for posting!

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