Did-do list

I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists. It helped to have a visual reminder of what I needed to accomplish (phone calendars and lists don’t have the same effect for me), and every morning I’d scrawl out a tentative plan for the day and what I wanted to get done. I haven’t seen my to-do list notebook in a couple of months.. I’m actually not quite sure where it is. I’ll still write down ideas for blog posts, workouts and recipes, as well as grocery lists and things to pick up from the store, but other than that, there’s no plan for the day, or set to-dos. It’s “fly by the seat of your pants” over here, and even as a to-do list devotee and major planner, it’s been really, really refreshing to just see where the day takes us. Sometimes we’re out and about all day, other days, we’re in our jammies at home, playing, eating and relaxing. I’m very fortunate and thankful that I’ve been able to take this time to be with my family instead of jumping back into work right away.

In one of the books that I’ve been reading, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook,


the authors give quite a few amazing ideas for fun things to do each month that correspond with how old the little one is. I’ve already done a couple (plan an adventure to get out of the house each day, even if it’s a walk around the neighborhood, babywear- our favorite, take a picture of Liv each month on a colored blanket, scope out nursing-friendly spots, plan a date night, etc) and one of the ideas is to write a DID-do list, instead of focusing on the looming to-dos.

Nana came over today for a little while so I could take a 45-min training class at work, so here’s my did-do list:

-made breakfast and ate it while singing to Liv in her Boppy

-changed 7 diapers

-showered, put wet hair into a bun

-Tummy time, read a book to Liv and sang goofy songs

-took Tabata training

-made lunch, ate it while nana was swaying and singing to Liv and I pumped

-naptime and snuggle sesh

-booked Bell a grooming appt (she’s a little shaggy and sassy right now)

-nursed for 3 hours total (while pumping for most of it! <—that skill took a while and quite a few “misses” to get the hang of)

It looks like quite a lot! When Tom comes home and sees us both in jammies, I can show him what we’ve been up to 😉

Are you a fan of to-do lists? What’s something that you DID do today?

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  1. I am a major fan of to do lists. I make multiple lists per day and nothing feels better than crossing them off.

    Something I did today? A recovery run after the Princess Half on Sunday! 🙂

  2. I LOVe to-do lists! The best part is being able to cross things off!

  3. wow. that list made my eyeballs tired. my only to-do “lists” where my planner in college and web-mail when I worked. I do not miss those lame pop ups telling me to go to a lame meeting. LOL

  4. Wow girl, what a jam packed day! So glad you had so much fun! I got a ton of schoolwork done today and it felt incredible. Spring break starts in two days and I want to not have to worry about school for any of it!

  5. I don’t really like to-do lists. They come in handy for work-related things since my husband and I work from home – especially when we need to remind each other of something – but I’ve never found them useful in my daily life.

  6. Love using To-do lists when i really need to get a bunch of stuff done!

    For my did-do today…I ate a real breakfast (cereal with milk) instead of munching on the go!
    Went to the salon for my valentine pkg…Manicure/facial/brow wax/hair cut!!
    Ran to the bank, Costco, BJ’s and Publix!! And clipped some of my coupons!!

  7. 3 hours of pumping already?! Oy I am not so excited about this part! Every single day. Glad you have time to exercise and prep meals too!

  8. I have a love for to-do lists too.. It is a way that I can keep myself of task which is genetically impossible for me because I have ADHD… I recently have been slacking with them because I tend to overbook myself and get upset when I can’t complete it all.. And instead I’ve been focusing on one or two things that I need to accomplish that day, and everything else is a bonus..

  9. I like ‘did do’ (or DONE) lists too, but for regular life. Like, if I achieve, and it’s not on the ‘to do’ list, I write it on there, just so I can cross it off. One of the little thrills that gets me through the day.

  10. I love to-do lists! When I am really pressed for time, my to-do lists are marked with how much time each activity will take me. That gives me a better sense of if I am being unrealistic in how much I want to accomplish.

  11. I cannot function without to-do lists. I am THAT OCD!
    I DID run the three miles on my half marathon training plan today!

  12. I make lists in my head, not on paper…I just keep it all filed away upstairs. I may forget things easier, but I figure, if I forgot about it, maybe it wasn’t that important anyway. Lol

  13. I looooove lists!!

    My husband is renovating the bathroom and when he picks me up from work everyday we both rattle off our did-do lists and then we make an evening to-do list together!

    Today I had my once a week allowed latte, did 100 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 50 crunches at my desk, bought my hubby his 30th birthday gift online, canceled my credit card because someone in Beijing had gotten a hold of the number, slept in and am about to go do my rescheduled insanity work-out now! Oh and I did my job too but that’s not nearly as fun as all those other things 🙂

    Have a happy night Gina & co. xo

  14. nursed for 3 hours? wow go you!

  15. Did Do:

    Went back to work after 4 days off and managed to (sort of) catch up on paperwork! In fact, I am still at work. Must. Go. Home.

  16. How did you nurse for 3 hrs?! Have you introduced bottles yet?

  17. Love your did-do list! It’s fun to see what your day-to-day life is looking like right now. I’m a HUGE fan of to-do lists. It really keeps me calm to write things down – that way I have a plan and I know it’s recorded, or else I stress about everything I have to do and keep going over it again and again in my head. Something I did do today: took a couple of homemade lemon squares to my elderly neighbor. (And week 3 of WSU + the Schweaty August workout – killer!)

  18. I haven’t finished reading your post so this might be a little off topic….but something I read in magazine when my daughter was still just a few months old was to take a photo of your child in your largest soup pot! It sounds funny but when I come across that photo of my daughter sitting in my mothers beautiful copper pot, I just love it. At the time, I thought the thing was enormous…now she couldn’t even begin to squeeze herself into it. (10 yrs old now) Im thinking she was 6 months or so…but its a quick cute thing to do. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a few years now. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing some of your life with us. By the way, your baby is perfectly adorable. Best, Catherine

  19. Gah I love this idea! Seriously sometimes I wonder what I did all day when I have a day “off” from (class and work). I should try this occasionally!

    Did do:
    Emptied dishwasher.
    Made amazing oatmeal pancakes.
    Listened to 1.5 hours of powerpoint presentation online for my nutrition class…going over confusing parts so probably a total of 2 hours spent.
    Did a million dishes.
    Blogged about said oatmeal pancakes.
    Had lunch and watched more powerpoint.
    Read other blogs (this is productive right??).
    Ran/walked 4 miles in the windy rainy mess that was today.
    Stretched and refueled.
    Showered (woot!)
    Supposed to be watching the rest of powerpoints now but thinking about what to make for dinner Thursday.

    Nice post and thanks for the Did-List suggestion! 🙂

  20. Yes..i am a huge fan of to do lists (keeps me organized with college!)

    Today I went to work and have since been studying, studying, STUDYING for an upcoming test!

    Sounds like you have accomplished lots today 😀

  21. Great idea! My baby girl is 2 weeks older than your daughter. I feel like the hubbs wonders what I did all day (though he has politely never said it!) when he gets home!

  22. Wow! I’m impressed! That is a lot!

  23. I also nursed for 3 hours today! Haha. Other things on my done list were pumping session, making a real breakfast and lunch, playin dress up with the baby and her new stockings, putting the baby in the crib for the first time for a nap (she did 3 hours!!) and taking a nap myself.

  24. Yesterday was my stellar day. Today was pretty blah. Watched a bunch of 30 Rock episodes during homework breaks and got some major laundry done though!

  25. I always make to-do lists, sometimes twice a day when I revise my list! 🙂

  26. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and today was my first day at my new job – “domestic engineer”! 🙂 AKA – taking time off before baby! When my Pilot left early this a.m. he said, “Take it easy, stay in your PJs til noon, and RELAX!” Haha.. yeah right…

    Today I:
    -Cleaned out the dishwasher
    -Did a load of laundry
    -Made breakfast
    -Went to WalMart and the grocery store
    -Cleaned out the pantry
    -Planned out dinners for the rest of the week
    -Stopped by the furniture store and ordred 2 new nightstands
    -Reorganized baby girl’s nursery closet
    -Installed closet lights (okay… attached velcro strips to the back of some touch lights and put them on the wall)
    -Took the dogs for a walk
    -Walked on base for 40 minutes
    -Just put dinner in the oven

    And my Pilot still isn’t home yet… 🙂

    P.S. I’m super nervous about breastfeeding and pumping… it’s the only thing I’ve had nightmares about!

    • Fitnessista says:

      you are a rockstar!
      just be patient with yourself and go with the flow (pun? haha). there really is a learning curve and it takes time to figure out- make sure you have access to some good lactation consultants. they were lifesavers for us

  27. I don’t really use to-do lists very often – I leave that to my type A boyfriend 😉 Today I worked and worked out, pretty typical Tuesday.

  28. I love to-do lists! I use them for groceries, when I want to do some Spring cleaning, at work, for training plans when I’m working with my dogs, etc. etc. It’s a great feeling to strike the last thing off that list and feel like you’ve actually accomplished something! My problem is that I have post-it notes with random lists all over my darn house!

  29. Did-do List
    Cleaned the bathroom
    Swept and mopped dining room and kitchen
    Vacuumed all carpet
    Washed and folded 4 loads of laundry
    Cleaned and organized my sons’ room
    Made chili
    Did Insanity Pure Cardio
    Ran Errands
    Went to Step Aerobics class
    Scrubbed my stove
    Read books to my boys
    Went to a high school music concert
    Played on my phone a lot
    Made and packed the hub’s lunch

    What I didn’t, but should of done:
    The very full sink of dirty dishes

  30. I’m a huge to-do list person! I love making lists and especially like getting to cross off the tasks when I finish them. I even have monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists, although that may have to do with the fact that I’m in college and have to stay on top of everything. Sometimes I even add things that I know I will have to do, like get dressed or make dinner, just so I can cross at least one thing off the list! I love the idea of a did-do list also!

  31. I love to-do lists….I write them all the time when I have lots of things to do.

    Today I:
    -wrote a blog entry
    – read notes for my online course and wrote a response
    – washed dishes and sterilized bottle/nipples
    – made formula
    – pumped
    – fed max via breast and bottle
    – changed Max probably 7 times
    – made a new banner for my blog
    – washed more dishes
    – made breakfast and lunch for myself
    – made home made pot pie for dinner
    – went to the store, and school for a bit
    – got coffee
    – played, played and played again with Max
    – folded and put away laundry
    – played on the computer

  32. i LOVE this! i wish i would have read this when my son was newborn and i felt like i was getting absolutely nothing done but nursing, nursing, and more nursing.

    i had a date day with my little guy today – barnes and noble for the train table and lego table, old navy for some new spring clothes, the mall for lunch and a little play area time. and then small group tonight. it was a great day! the only “work” i got done was diaper laundry but i have yet to finish that.

  33. I always have a to-do list. Not one that is written down, it’s in my head, but it’s always there. I usually make it at night when I am trying to sleep. Yeah, probably shouldn’t do that, but that’s where my mind goes 🙂

  34. I LOVE to-do lists! I feel so accomplished as I cross things off of it! I got some studying done today for my exam tomorrow 🙂

  35. I <3 this idea! I looked at three houses today and finally went with one I found yesterday. Moving in April 1st and then racing to get everything unpacked (while 7 months pregnant haha) before my pilot comes home from deployment….woohooo!!!

  36. Love this idea! I made a What I Did list the other day to Take some pressure off and just feel good about the stuff I did get done. It was awesome! Sounds like a fun day with Livi!

  37. Huge fan of to do lists! They are awesome. The done lists are awesome too! You do a tonne in a day lady!

  38. I did Zumba for the first time today and I loved it!

  39. I love lists! My husband makes so much fun of me for my love of making lists (although he is the same way about making budgets and google calendars) that he bought me grocery list paper for Christmas. Of course I love it!
    But I’m really commenting to say I’m wearing the exact same slippers as you. 🙂

  40. I NEED to-do lists, otherwise I would never remember to do anything! 😛 Plus I have a lot on my plate this semester so writing it all down and making plans for each day helps me to feel less stressed out!

  41. I am a big list maker, especially to-do lists !! So type-A, haha. But I LOVE your grey moccassins (sp ?) !!

  42. I love this idea! And I love that you said when your hubby comes home you have a list of everything you did that day so it doesn’t look like you just sat around in your jammies. Probably good for you too on days when you feel like you didn’t get much accomplished 🙂

  43. I thought I was the only person that does the “did do” lists! There are times at the end of the weekend when I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished, so I’ll make my did do list. After reading over it, I’m usually exhausted just to see all that I completed. Gotta love the lists!

  44. This is funny and a DID-Do list is a great idea! Sometimes, the to-do lists gets no attention but it’s not like we weren’t super busy all. day. long. When my husband comes home and we’re all in the jammies from the previous night, I haven’t showered OR brushed my teeth and dinner isn’t done…..I have to focus on what we DID do otherwise I feel like a huge failure! lol It’s funny thinking about it now because we’re expecting our third and I’ve had quite a few of ‘those’ days. I try to roll with the punches better now but when it was just my first baby and myself….oh man! I was really hard on myself about not getting certain things done when I felt it needed to be done or what have you. My first definitely taught me that living life with the family is more important than whether or not I was able to scrub the baseboards and clean the carpet on schedule! 🙂

  45. I love to do list, they keep me on track and I just like the fact that at the end of the day I can see exactly what I have accomplished!

  46. Congrats on beautiful Olivia. My daughter was almost an Olivia (I LOVEEE that name) but she ended up a Leila.
    I’m obsessed with to do lists, I constantly make mental one’s throughout the day. The did list seems exhausting.

  47. Love the Did Do list! I need to start making one for my husband when he says that he “worked all day”..what did you do?!…so annoying!

  48. The ‘did-do’ list sounds like a great way to be super impressed by how productive you were. I’ve gotta start that habit!

  49. Ah… I LOVE the Did do list!!! That’s way more encouraging then a to do list! I drove my hubs to work, made breakfast, cleaned up around the house, found a couple good lessons for church tonight with the kids, braved walmart with two kids (my 3 year old and a 3 month old I babysit) to buy supplies, and went to church to make copies. Now its home for a movie (3 year old) and a nap (3 month old). 🙂 Thanks Gina!

  50. a while back, some of your posts (and seeing your to do lists and plans for your day) inspired me to make my own list. but as a mom, i’ve come to realize, the list i make on sunday night for monday, may not get completely knocked out until friday. and i’m finally ok with that. because if we wake to a beautiful day, i may over throw my original plan and take my boys to the park. and if a friend needs to talk during my boys naptime, the kitchen floor just might have to wait, because she is more important. and if i just can’t crawl out of bed to workout before my little boys start my day, then i can use naptime to get that workout in. so thanks to you, i do make to do lists and sometimes they just take a bit longer before i can scratch everything off. 🙂 but it is nice to look back at the notebook on friday and see i did accomplish some things. not to mention, i prepared at least 30 meals for 2 little boys. that in itself is important!

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