The Perfect Protein Pancake

Hey everyone! How’s your Monday been? I loved reading your responses on whether you thought it was healthy for anger to motivate workouts. As always, ya’ll had some incredible points and I think almost all of us agree that while it is a healthy way to get out emotions, not all workouts should be powered by anger. Working out should be ENJOYABLE and once the anger is gone, we need something else (a positive goal, like to live a long and healthy life) to fuel the motivation fire. You guys are awesome. That is all 😀

So here it is, the long-awaited recipe for the perfect protein pancake.

The Perfect Protein Pancake

I’ve always been more of an egg girl than a pancake girl. Not because I dislike pancakes, but because I feel like I could eat 12 of them and be hungry again 5 minutes later. Pancakes are like the sexy boyfriend with a lame-o personality- delicious, but lacking staying power. I had basically kicked pancakes to the curb, and then I fell in love with this one.

It tastes as good as a greasy-spoon pancake, but has the staying power of brown rice protein. Drizzled with a little real maple syrup and served with fruit, it’s perfect.


Yield 1-2 pancakes


-1.5 scoops vanilla Sun Warrior protein (if you aren’t a Sun Warrior, use 1.5 servings of your favorite vanilla protein)

-1 egg white

-1/4 C almond milk

-2 T Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Baking Mix (can substitute with whole-grain flour of choice)

-3/4 t baking powder

-1/2 t cinnamon

-pinch nutmeg

-pinch sea salt

-1/2 t vanilla

-Stevia (optional) to taste

Heat a skillet to medium heat.

While the pan is heating up, in a small bowl, combine the protein powder, baking mix, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, Stevia, sea salt and whisk to remove any lumps.

Whisk in the egg white, almond milk and vanilla.

Cook the pancake(s) for 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden brown.

Feast 😀

Nutrition stats (with a banana and 1 T maple syrup): 386 calories, 3g fat, 66g carbs, 25g sugar, 16g fiber, 30g protein

© 2010 The Fitnessista

The vegan version is still in progress, but it’s on the way. Enjoy and please let me know if any of you try it!



Something to do: New Iron Pumping Plan was posted this weekend! Check it out, yo 🙂 Also, this year’s Summer Shape Up will launch on May 24th- mark your calendars!

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  1. Any vegan version yet?


  2. These were great! I literally ate them right out of the pan.
    I put more whole wheat flour and only one scoop of protein because I thought it might be too vanilla-protein-y tasting.
    But now I have a new healthy pancake recipe! Thank you!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Was wondering if you have a Waffle Iron version of these?
    i have come to terms with the fact that I suck at making EVERY version of protein pancakes…they turn into mush and it is very disheartening and i end up eating cereal or something due to the failure! 🙁

  4. This recipe sounds good and so does the meal plan for the week. I looked at the grocery list and there seems to be a lot of abstract ingredients I have never heard before but would like to try. Where do you grocery shop? And are these items in basic grocery stores? (ie- loblaws, price chopper, etc)

  5. This is the best protein pancake ever!! And it is even better with a tbsp or two of pumpkin puree added to it, they are amazing made this way!!
    I would like to try them as waffles some day!

  6. Hi, can you use buckwheat flour with this (instead of the the gluten-free baking mix)?

  7. These are ridiculously delicious, and I love how they keep me full for hours instead of the usual pancake five minutes (I’ve got to agree with you there, Gina)! I have made these twice now and they turned out wonderfully both times. I love how uncomplicated they are compared to other versions I’ve tried.

    Totally made these camping last weekend, and they worked perfectly for a healthy, protein packed breakfast. 😉

  8. Hey Gina! I’ve been making the pancakes (using Sun Warrior, too) and they’re coming out extremely flat or overcooked on the outside and mushy on the inside! I follow the recipe but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

    • I’m having the same problem. Will somebody please help out. I don’t know what’s wrong….

      • Rebekah says:

        I had that problem as well and here’s what I did.
        I put in the egg whole (eggs cause I was making a double batch) this adds more fat content but also adds omega threes, which is a good trade off. It also creates a better protein matrix. My baking soda didn’t have a structure to rise with so I added 2 more Tbs of flour (I use the Aldi’s G-Free mix which is potato and rice starch based.) I used less almond milk, adding in until it looked like the usual pancake mix.
        My husband and I study chemistry, we learned a thing or two about cooking. They turned out great (a little firmer than my old school buttermilk but another egg would fix that.)

  9. Just made these recently and have to say they are amazing!!
    I’ve made other protein pancakes before, but they didn’t turn out great.
    These are amazing though!! You really feel as if your eating a “real” pancake while still
    getting in some awesome nutrition as well. Thanks for the great recipe!
    I really enjoy reading your blog by the way, and enjoy all of your recipes 🙂

  10. Finally made this pankcakes. They turned out great!

  11. I just made these and used coconut flour instead of the baking mix. They turned out sooooo dry, like trouble chewing them dry. 🙁

    • Coconut flour soaks in a lot more liquid than other flours. I’m not sure the proportion you’d need but sticking with a gluten free, non-coconut flour would be best for this recipe, or increasing your liquid.

  12. Healthy is a lifestyle says:

    I absolutely love US Egg’s protein pancakes and since we don’t have one where I live I have been wanting to find a good. I found your recipe online and just made 2 pancakes and I am in love! I used soy milk instead of almond milk because that’s all I had but I will try it with almond milk next time. They were delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  13. delicious!! great recipe, thank you Fitnessista.

  14. WOW! I don’t think I can fully express how much I LOVE these pancakes. I’ve tried making them 3 times now, the first two times I used almond flour but could never find the proper ratio to make them fluffy, they just kept ending up very dense. This morning I tried the recipe using one egg and bob’s red mill gf baking mix.. WOW. Best gluten free pancakes I have EVER had. I can not thank you enough! Light and fluffy, and they look like non-gluten free pancakes! Plus with the nutrition stats I don’t feel guilty eating these once a week.

    Thank you so much!! Wonderful recipe!!

  15. This was the perfect sized recipe for my daughter and I’s breakfast! It made 3 little pancakes for her and one small skillet-sized for me. I used a GF rice flour blend, coconut milk, and added blueberries, and they were fantastic! (I also used only one scoops of vanilla protein, because that’s all I had left in the canister. 🙂 )Thanks for the recipe!

  16. Hi Gina – did you use Bob’s Gluten Free PANCAKE baking mix or the gluten-free baking flour?

  17. These look fabulous! I’ll have to try them out on my boys and see if they are kid friendly! Thanks for posting…

  18. Debbie P. says:

    Hey Gena, I finally got around to trying these and have a question. I put 1 1/2 scoops of the protein powder I use and I had to add tons of milk to the dish to make them somewhat pourable. I’m guessing the scoop in my protein container is much bigger than the one in yours, so is there some way to post the grams? Or some other measurement than a “scoop” that can vary among us workout geeks. 🙂

  19. Hey can i substitute the baking mix / whole grain flour with coconut flour?

  20. I’ve been making these for a while, but they always stuck (badly!!) to the pan.
    Today I googled how many grams a scoop of Sun Warrior protein is (25g) and doubled that with my own protein powder (dōTERRA Vegan Trim Shake) to make a double batch. I used organic white flour, and a whole egg, and cooked the pancakes on low (3 out of 9 on my stove). They literally turned out AMAZING just as Gina describes here – soft, fluffy, and perfect!


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