Whole-y Wine and Dined

Something legendary landed in Tucson….

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it’s a bright, shiny, new Whole Foods!

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Meg and I were kindly invited to check out a preview night before the store officially opens later this week. After our little tour and taste around, I’m even more excited than I was before.

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Something that sets this Whole Foods apart from the other two in Tucson: it has a legit hot bar,

Hot bar  1 of 1

juice bar

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and BAR bar, with flat screen TVs, wine and local beers on tap.

Bar  1 of 1

I don’t think it will be difficult to convince the Pilot to hang out there with me πŸ˜‰

Throughout the evening, we were thoroughly wined and dined. There were stations set up throughout the store, featuring fresh baked goods

Bread  1 of 1

regional fare, salads

Wine and taco  1 of 1

antipasto tables with various prosciuttos, olives and cheese,

soups, mini grilled cheese sandwiches (which had caramelized onions on them… amazing)


Sushi  1 of 1

and an entire table of goat-milk based goodies.

Fudge  1 of 1

Sorry the pic is a little blurry. I was shaking with happiness haha.

We even got to meet a few Tucson bloggers, including Natalie (and her beautiful family!), and Kristi:

Me christie meg  1 of 1

Behold the nut butter wall of justice:

Nut butters  1 of 1

I debated trying to spend the night inside -you would have found me this morning, covered in nut butter, chocolate and goat cheese, but had to come back to check out my patients πŸ˜‰ The Pilot did great for his surgery and Liv was totally fine after her shot. (She screamed for a little while, but the pediatrician gave her a new book, which was the perfect post-immunization distraction)

Nuts and choc  1 of 1

I had a blast with my lovely date

Meg  1 of 1

and can’t wait to come back with the fam when it opens πŸ™‚

Now, time to scheme a way to replicate those goat milk caramels at home…..

See ya later today <3



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  1. That WF looks amazing – I wish the closest one to me had a juice bar! Actually I wish the closest one to me wasn’t 2 hours away too! πŸ˜›

  2. Aww wish we had a Whole Foods where I live! Closest one is over an hour away.
    Yours looks amazing though. A real bar? Awesome!

  3. Ahhhh i love your new Whole Paycheck…looks better then ours and ours just opened in Nov πŸ™‚
    OH MAN…i spy Chocolate NUTTZO!!! I have been dying to try it…if you are up for it, i will paypall you the money to get it for me and send it by mail πŸ˜€ I am gonna hit up mine on thursday and see if they will get it, right now they have the other two. That deli bar looks great..kinda like ours. and that bread display…

    cant wait to see what chocolatey recipes you come up with πŸ˜€

  4. Oh m goodness, locked in Whole Foods overnight would be my dream haha! That looks like such a fun event!

  5. What a Whole Foods with a bar and t.v.’s hehe. That is awesome!!
    I love WF and feel lucky to live about 10 minutes from one. I don’t go every week since it’s so easy to spend a ton, but it’s just a great shopping experience with all of the amazing products you can’t find anywhere else besides online.
    Looks like an amazing time, that’s wonderful they asked you and Meg to come check it out for their special evening!!

  6. Jealous! The closest one to us is over an hour away. πŸ™

  7. OMG. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods but after seeing your pictures I think I would like to move in! Wowee wow. Looks even better than Wegmans and I am a die hard Wegmans lover having grown up in the town where the chain originated.

  8. Oh my goodness, that nut butter wall. Amazing.

  9. First, you 2 look FANTASTIC in that photo! What an awesome WF!! I’ll keep wishing for one like that near me!

  10. Meg

    How do you get you fringe (bangs?) to stay like that. I have a side fringe and I can never get it looking that good!!

  11. um where can I get me one of these?! Australia, pick up your act. Whole foods, get your butt to Aus

  12. Cute scarf. Looks great on you πŸ˜‰ I live and breathe for Whole Foods hot food and salad bars. Bummer no whole foods is close to me. We just got a sprouts but it doesn’t cut it. So nice that’s it so close to you!

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