027: Cultivating healthy relationships with Silvy Khoucasian

Our personal relationships with friends, family, and our partner can dramatically impact how our mental health. I’m so excited to be chatting with Silvy Khoucasian today all about healthy relationships: what they mean, and how to build stronger, lasting connections.

Some of the things we discuss in today’s episode:

– The #1 reason why relationships fail

– The 5 love languages and how they can change over time

– Beating the 7-year itch and how to keep things exciting

– Tips for dealing with anxiety

– How huge life events can impact our relationships

and so.much.more

Please check out this one! It’s a good one, and listening to Silvy’s beautiful calming voice is worth it alone. She shares so much incredible information in this episode and I really hope you love it.

Here’s a little bit about Silvy:

Silvy Khoucasian has a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy) and has has dedicated herself to helping individuals and couples heal from trauma, create healthy emotional boundaries and establish real and lasting connection within their relationships.
Silvy has always been fascinated by culture and has extensively studied the way human beings behave in group settings. Growing up in the USA as a young immigrant from Armenia, Silvy has personally experienced how much culture plays a huge part in the roles we take on both in society as well as in our own family system.

Silvy also has a long history in the theatrical arts, where she has witnessed immense healing through the art of performance and role play. She uses drama therapy to help clients discover parts of themselves; parts that are difficult to access or that may have been suppressed for various reasons.

Find her on her site, on Instagram (she shares valuable info and great content in her stories) and on Facebook.

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