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Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? Hope you’re having a beautiful and relaxing day so far 🙂

Thanks so much for the Philly recommendations! The official HLS events are over, so we’ll see what kind of shenanigans the Pilot and I can get into today 😉

Yesterday, in between events, we met up with some friends to hit up the Rittenhouse farmer’s market.


Gabriella, Heather, Sabrina and the Pilot 🙂

My preg buddy:


The market was really cute- lots of flower vendors, produce, goat cheese (!) and fresh lemonade. We each grabbed one, and I loved the option of having it sweetened with Stevia instead of agave.


As much as I love to visit other farmer’s markets, it’s always a legendary tease because there isn’t a ton you can take on a plane home with you.

I’m hoping to head back to that area today, because the surrounding stores looked very appealing 😉

For dinner, we went to pod, which is a modern family-style Asian restaurant.

The atmosphere was pretty amazeballz:


Sleek, modern, and I’m a fan of any place with conveyor belt sushi 🙂

pod (2)

To start, we shared some salty warm edamame:


Thai salad for me (cabbage, cilantro, egg, peanuts, avocado, vinaigrette)


+ one of the few rolls I can roll with for the next few months: California


[The crab is cooked, so it’s NBD. It’s also nowhere near the awesomeness of salmon sashimi.]

Lobster creeper


The best part:


Chocolate hazelnut brownie with espresso ice cream.


The group:


Gabriella, Tina, Brittany, Julie, me, Courtney, Allison (+ the Pilot, who took the photo)

It was so much fun chatting with the girls, being told crazy stories by the Pilot and feasting on glorious food 🙂


After dinner, we went to a wine bar, the hotel bar and called it a night. It was the latest this old lady’s been up in a while 😉

Have a great day!

See ya later this afternoon <3



Something to do: How about a Sunday 7-minute Cardio Ab burner combo??

[As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes and if it hurts, don’t do it]

Jog in place 30 seconds

-jumping jacks 30 seconds

Burpees 1 minute

Plank 2 minutes (if you have to drop to your knees, that’s ok, just keep good form)

-Mountain climbers 30 seconds

-Push-up to side plank 1 minute

-X file abs 1 minute

(I got this one from Women’s Health back in the day)





Pullover crunch 1 minute

Scissors 30 seconds

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  1. Martin on January 11, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Great 7 minute cardio/abs workout.

  2. Stacey on April 9, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Super excited about this ab workout! Looks like it’s fast-paced, yet very challenging! I love the x-files move–never seen that one before! I’ve been looking for some new ab workouts and this one fits the bill! Thanks 🙂

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