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You guys. I got the chance to try a workout that is TAKING OVER southern California. It’s like yoga, Zumba, meditation, and strength training all in one: Quiver Pulse!

Quiver pulse

It’s still in the grassroots phase right now, but I was invited to take a special class in a quaint and beautiful studio space: 


When I left, my energy was literally buzzing out of my body. 

Here’s what Quiver Pulse is all about:

Quiver Pulse involves isometric holds and slight muscle vibrations. The great thing about it is that you can do it anywhere at anytime; all you need is a bit of space, your own body weight and a focused mind. To Quiver Pulse, you close your eyes and let yourself become in tune with the natural vibrations and energies of the earth. Next, you’ll extend one limb, and start to quiver and pulse this limb to match the surrounding energetic vibrations. I found that if you start off slowly at first, and then increase your pace, it works really well! Feel the pulsie burn!

Practicing the Quiver Fly:

Quiver pulse  1 of 1

 (Extend both arms and gently flap like a hummingbird until you’re ready to shudder with gusto)

The Pilot, working on the Shoulder Shudder:

Quiver pulse  1 of 1 2

According to the founder, Jane Sacudo, “By targeting the muscles in this manner, you’re able to strengthen deep within the muscle belly. It’s a great way to get long, lean muscle definition. You will notice increased detoxification and function of the lymphatic system, as well as a sense of presence and focus from being in tune with the cosmos and the energies of those around you.”


-You can do it anywhere! Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, extend an arm or a leg, and slowly start to vibrate the limb. As you become more advanced, you can really start to increase the speed and intensity of the movements. Just make sure you don’t knock anything over; it’s easy to get carried away!

-Mental clarity and presence. By focusing on matching your vibrations to those around you, it’s a great opportunity to clear your mind and focus for the day. I recommend Quiver Pulse first thing in the morning.

-You don’t even break a sweat! You could easily do this at work without needing to shower afterwards. Even better: get your co-workers to join in the fun. 


-I felt kind of silly and awkward at first. After a few rounds, I got over it and had a great time.

-Low cardio. While I did appreciate the strength benefits, I wish it would have increased my heart rate a bit more. They do offer vibrating, weighted wrist bands for more of a challenge. Maybe I’ll try those next time.

Happy April Fools Day! 🙂



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  1. Sylvia on April 3, 2015 at 7:02 am

    “(Extend both arms and gently flap like a hummingbird until you’re ready to shudder with gusto)” LOL!! I nearly fell off my chair from laughing!

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