Saving Room

Hey guys! How are ya?? Hope you’re having a fabulous morning <3

Thanks again to those of you who participated in the Sun Warrior promo– I stocked up, too 😀 The deal is good until tomorrow AM.

So, I didn’t end up making it back to the gym yesterday to finish my weights sesh.

But next time I do, I have a little extra motivation because of the sahweet gym back that the Livewell fairy sent me 😉


You can read my review *here* edited to say: here’s the YouTube review I did, too, because I lost it on the review page and technology is not my friend….

Please excuse the gym hair and lack of makeup 😉

Dinner last night was one of my favorites:


snobby joes

This meal is so flavorful, inexpensive and easy to make. The pilot likes it, too 🙂 If it’s your first brush with a vegan dish, or if you want to make a vegan dish for someone else, try snobby joes. I made these, along with some sweet potato fries, for my very carnivorous (but open-minded) Tucson family- they loved them 😀 What’s your favorite quick, easy, healthy dinner?

I saved a little room so I could have protein ice cream before bed 😉

ice cream

I’m obsessed.

The puppers and I polluted our minds watching Kourtney and Khloe and the Bachelorette, then called it a night 🙂

This morning’s bfast was a little.. interesting.


Lovely, right?? Hahaha.

I *tried* to make a breakfast cookie with the Vega Smoothie To-Go since I’m out of Sun Warrior, forgetting how strong the Vega is. I only used 1/2 a serving but ended up “watering” it down with almond milk and turning the breakfast cookie into an overnight oats/chia pudding hybrid. I think the Vega is best for a smoothie, but not really bfast cookie appropriate.

Today’s plan:


-Registering the new wheels

-Mall 😉

-Lunch + Blog



See ya this afternoon!



Zumba Song of the Day: “Ella Quiere” Franco El Gorilla (SUPER fast- love it)

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  1. carolinebee on June 30, 2010 at 6:39 am

    That bag is so cute!! I am so in the market for a new gym bag but I can’t find a cute one! I need to try snobby joes too, i think that’s one of the first “blog foods” i stumbled upon 😀

  2. Cara on June 30, 2010 at 7:23 am

    SO I just watched this weeks episode of the Bachelorette?
    Justin makes a bad name for Canadian boys…What a loser!
    I am so curious to see what will happen next! Frank?

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