Such a Jokester

Hi guys 😀 Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

The mung bean pasta was AMAZING.

mung beans

I packed it up with a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and munched it in between appointments. I still can’t believe that bowl of noodles and nooch had 35 g of protein. Wowza!

Also, a salad:


It was a lovely meal.

I do have to say though, I almost didn’t make it through all of my training appointments today. By the last one, I thought I was going to have to cut it short, come home and crash. Here I was, thinking I was totally better this morning, and when this afternoon came I felt a million times worse. Such a jokester :/ The entire time I was at the gym I was aching and freezing. No fun 🙁

Chocolate makes everything better:


Remember the glorious chocolate agave sauce Katie sent me? I swirled some with raw almond butter on top of millet toast. No words 😉

Then I proceeded to crawl onto the couch with the puppers and sleep for 3 hours.

When I finally felt ok enough to move around, I meandered to the kitchen for some enzymes and vitamins.


A giant green juice with 2 green apples, an anjou pear, 1/2 lemon, lots of spinach, parsley and spirulina.

The pilot stopped at Wizzle to grab some Emergen-C for me, too.

save me

Why hello doctor….


That seksi face is enough to make me feel better 😉

The raw chocolate tarts are ready for tomorrow’s dinner party:


They’re chillin’ in the freezer and I’m thinking of making some hot tea and calling it an early night.

Today is my second day in a row of not doing any cardio—I can’t even remember the last time I took two days off. I also can’t remember the last time I was sick, so I’m gonna take it easy for now.

Exciting things coming up:

Winter Shape Up Week 4 workout will be posted Monday (we’re going to SUPERSETS)

Giveaway on Monday

-Very exciting news coming atcha next week. Hint: It involves macaroons.

Have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow with party prep stuff 😀



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  1. Melissa on February 8, 2010 at 2:09 am

    Oh, cool. Nope, haven’t tried it yet but I think it may be on tomorrow’s — oops, it’s already officially tomorrow — breakfast menu. Not certain what I’ll top it with, but your example of almond butter is enticing. Btw, the mung bean pasta people also make a black bean spaghetti.

  2. Jose Perez on May 11, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    i used Stevia extract as a sugar substitute because i am diabetic. Stevia is really sweeter than sucrose.’*`

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