What to stock up on?

As you guys know, I’m kind of a shopping fanatic. Even though I love to shop more than [almost] anything, I’m also a super savvy shopper and rarely pay full price, whether it’s through a sale, online deal or coupon. I’ve been doing the same thing with baby stuff.

For example, our baby bedding (which is originally $500. $500 for baby bedding!) I snagged online for $170 with free shipping. Ballertastic.


We’re also trying to break up our big purchases by the month, so that our checking account doesn’t notice a difference from stocking up on baby stuff.

Next weekend, we’re ordering our stroller (Orbit) because through a deal with with website, if you order the travel set before September 5 you get the bassinet ($280!) for free.

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The next big purchases will be the furniture for the nursery (crib, changing table, glider).

My mom said that I’m not going to have anything left to register for, but we really want to register for the necessities (bottles, organic baby hygiene items, whatever diapers we decide to go with, breast pump, nursery essentials) and are stocking up with the investment purchases and smaller things we wont register for (like clothes, because from what I hear, people will give baby clothes as gifts anyway, because they’re so cute). In the meantime. I’ve been hitting up Babysteals and Zulily for their daily deals, and also picking up stuff that I’ll need, that I feel weird registering for. Namely: nursing supplies, tanks, and bras.

I picked up this nursing tank via Babysteals:

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and while it looks horrendous on me right now (I got a size up), I’m sure it will be perfect for around the house when little nugette is here.

The things I really need help with is picking out other tanks, bras and nursing supplies. I have no idea what the *good* brands are, and all of the nursing bras I’ve seen are less than attractive.

I think from now on, I’ll probably only buy nursing bras since my size has gone up (my band size has stayed the same but my cups spilleth over) and I don’t want to keep investing in expensive ones that I won’t be able to use later and that break and stab me with underwire.

Any recommendations?

I’ll be registering for many of the items you suggested *here* and *here* but are there other things we might want to stock up on in advance?

LOVE Babysteals and Zulily- anything I should be lurking for deals?

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  1. Emily on August 27, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    I know you were interested in this before and I’m sure you’ve seen the deal, but now that I’ve used it, I would definitely recommend it. http://www.zulily.com/p/snuza-halo.html?pos=7 It has definitely helped me sleep better at night, and it’s great you can use it for naps and places other than your crib unlike other movement monitors. My daughter has recently started rolling but she’s not very good at it yet. It goes off a lot when she rolls because it’ll slip off, or it’ll be in a spot where it doesn’t pick up when she’s on her side or in a funny position. I feel better about her learning to move around so I can put her back on her back to sleep so she’s safer and not getting herself into weird positions that might block her airway or something

  2. sandy on August 29, 2011 at 11:39 am

    As a nursing mom, who nursed both babies for over a year, Medela is the only pump that is worth a damn. However, sometimes breast feeding isnt an option, sometimes people get mastitis, baby doesnt latch, or it just doesnt work out (dont beat yourself up if it doesnt) so, before spending $300 on a Medela, you can rent one from the hospital by the month. The hospitals are industrial grade and major bueno, so that way, you can see if the nursing/ pumping thing works out prior to your investment. Because there is NO return policy for breastpumps, as you can imagine.

    PS-Target has great nursing bras. Sports bras and lacy pretty ones that I still wear even though Im not nursing.

  3. Candice on August 29, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    checkout mamabargains.com. They have some good deals! I loved the nursing tanks from motherhood maternity. they are spanx and flip up with peek a boob holes. ha! they were awesome!

  4. Noelle on August 30, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    I haven’t read all of the comments so I’m sure people already said some of this but definitely sign up for both similac and enfamil clubs (its free). They will both send you free formula, I think I got about 4 from each, plus they send you the 5$ checks which can be combined with a coupon also, so usually coupons are at least 3$ in the paper so thats 8$ off each canister, so cheap. Even if you’re planning to breastfeed, you will eventually stop or they’ll be times when you still use it. Like when you’re completely EXHAUSTED and the pilot needs to take over 🙂

    Also, don’t buy diapers ANYWHERE else besides amazon. If you sign up for amazon mom + do subscribe and save, you get diapers at 30% off and free shipping, they are about half the price of diapers at the store and they come to your door. I use luvs (they actually work really well) and I get a box of about 250 for 25$ so cheap!

    Also you mentioned bob revolutions strollers, I have one, its great, but you can’t run with a baby until they are 6 months old and its ENORMOUS, even folded up!!! so I’d recommend getting something else now and definitely not using it as your regular stroller, I really love the mama and papas stroller, small, lightweight and not ridiculous to deal with….


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