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Dear pregnant self


Laying on your stomach will feel just as great as you remember

smoked salmon will taste as good

as wine will be just as wonderful.. even though you’ll wait 3 weeks to drink a glass when the girls come over.

You think you’re crazy about your husband now

maternity pics 2

but you’ll fall in love –big time- all over again, in a different way, magnified exponentially.

tom and baby 

Giving birth will be the hardest, scariest, most painful thing you’ll ever do

the first two week will be the most challenging you’ll experience

but seeing that little face.. the same face you dreamed about… and finding out her personality is so much like you thought it would be, from the kicks to the hiccups

make it more than worthwhile.

People weren’t lying when they said to sleep as much as you can

they also weren’t lying when they said every day gets better, and easier

and that the time seems to go by so quickly, so savor every single moment.

me and baby4

And as much as you love being pregnant, you’ll love being a mom 1000x more <3

Take it slow

Remember our mystery tree? Mystery solved: they’re oranges! My mom brought one in the other day, cut it open and we shared it. Super sweet and delicious 🙂 Maybe we should start watering said mystery tree? Another fabulous baby meal: Chicken tortilla soup from my friend Meara, topped with a couple of corn tortillas, sliced […]

New Mom Must-haves

It’s funny because you never know what you’ll really need (and what you don’t) until the baby is here, and going to the store is a little more of a challenge. Even though we can comfortably venture into public now, I was very thankful for my Amazon Prime membership in the first couple of weeks […]

Week 3 + Show Me Your Shape Up

After lots of takeout and incredible baby meals (we have one left tonight), someone is back in grilling action….   (definitely not me- the Pilot) Last night Kyle, Meg and Ash came over and the Pilot grilled up an enormous filet of salmon, seasoned with orange juice and zest, sea salt, pepper, maple syrup and […]

From the weekend

It’s been quite a weekend over here! We took the little one to her friend’s first birthday party and had a blast. Party favors: (candy that the Pilot and I ended up sharing) After the party, we came back the house for our first home-cooked meal in quite a while (so I bought the rotisserie […]

1/27: Thoughts from the week

-I used to think I knew what worry was- I had no idea. As much as I enjoyed and loved my pregnancy, I definitely worried and wondered if she’d be ok. All I wanted was the three of us safely home from the hospital. I thought I wouldn’t  worry quite as much after she was […]

Swim in sorbet

I’m more of a cake girl (or pizookie girl!) than an ice cream girl, but twice this week, I’ve fully appreciated the beauty of sorbet. The Pilot and I took the family on a walk and then walked over to Frost for a little treat. Mango sorbet for me: Bella had vanilla It definitely stayed […]

Liquid Gold

Two significant things have happened in the past 48 hours: 1. Suddenly, the little one is a fan of righty 2. My husband saved my sleep life As far as #1 goes, there’s kind of a back story to it. I thought things were going well, but then for the past 5 nights or so […]

Focus On: Half Marathon Training

Back in the fall, I set a goal for myself: I really want to walk/run the half marathon here at the end of March. Now that we’re in January, and walking is pretty much the only physical activity I can do for the next week and a half, I still want to go for it. […]

Choosing a BC option

Number 2?? Not so fast… One of the questions that every single medical professional has asked since we had the baby: “Have you thought about birth control options?” Even my homeopathic doc, whom I spoke with yesterday about milk production tips and the like said, “don’t let your husband look at you the wrong way- […]

Hey, hemp

Another one of these hilarious videos: (I still like the originals and the yoga one the best) It definitely came to mind when I busted these out a couple of days ago: hemp seeds! Long time, no see. When my doc recommended upping my fat intake, hemp seeds was one of his suggestions as they’re […]

Girls’ Nights

Girls’ nights have a new meaning over here. It’s me, Livi and Bella 😉 Livi is the party animal- she drinks all night, wets herself and cries, I’m the one taking care of her while Bella gives us the stink eye. We’re a fun group, for sure. Yesterday was my first day at home with […]