2014 Holiday Gift Guide for him


Gift guide for him

Hi! How’s the day going? Keep those giveaway entries coming!

Anyone else think it’s tough to shop for the guys in the family? Thankfully, my brothers always tell us what they want (makes it so easy!) but I’m never quite sure what to get the Pilot. In my brainstorm session, I put together some dude gift ideas. I would love to hear some from you, too!

(Please keep in mind that I am not working with any of the companies/products below, and companies are not able to sponsor on my gift guides. These are things I picked with hopes that they’d make holiday shopping a little easier! Affiliate links are included, and I am so thankful for your support. xo)

Gift ideas for him

Bottle breacher. This was on Shark Tank a little while ago, and I was blown away by the cool idea and knew it would make an awesome gift. This company was founded by a former Navy SEAL, and these bottle openers are made from 50 caliber ammo, and hand-crafted by military service members, Veterans and Reservists. 

Trunk Club. It’s like Stitch Fix for dudes!! Premium clothes hand-picked by personal stylists, delivered to your doorstep. 

New Call of Duty.

Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

Tickets to sporting event, concert, or comedy show. Jim Gaffigan is on tour. 😉

New watch or Fitbit Flex. The Pilot recently got a Fitbit Charge; I’m excited for a little friendly step competition.

Cool sunglasses. Always make a great gift!

Grilling tools with his favorite sports team. These are great ideas for the grillmasters in the family.

Nice sweater and collared shirt. You can never have too many.

Make your own whiskey book. Just thought this was such a unique idea! 

Wallet. This is something that makes a wonderful gift, as it’s often-used but not-so-often replaced.

Manly beauty products. (But don’t call them beauty products.)

Headphones. We both have these headphones and absolutely love them. 

Bacon of the month. I think this gift guide could have started and ended with this one item haha.

Any awesome guy gift ideas? Please share in the comments below!



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  1. thank you Gina for literally saving my Christmas! 🙂 I’ve bought most of your gift ideas for my loved ones. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I’m so tempted by Trunk Club! I think my boyfriend would like it, and I’d probably like the results. 😉

    Always, Anita

  3. To be honest, I often find gift guides to be fun and interesting, but not too useful.

    That’s being said, I TOTALLY agree that guys are the hardest to shop for! The Bacon of the Month club though is fabulous! I might have to check that out for my dad haha!

  4. Those bottle openers are awesome! I wish they were on a key chain. The Hubby needs one of those!

  5. Guys are the hardest to buy for. I never know what to get my dad and father-in-law. I often resort to hotel gift cards for a trip away that is still within driving distance. I think tickets are a great idea too!

  6. Guys are so hard to shop for during the holidays. I sometimes try to give a gift certicate or game tickets in a creative way or as part of a package present.

  7. The 50 cal bottle opener is such a great idea for my gun loving hubby so I headed over and ordered him one as well as my dad only to find out after placing my order that they won’t be shipping any orders before Christmas! So bummed!

    • Yeah, we tried to order one for xmas too. At least we saw a notice before ordering that they can’t ship in time for Christmas.

  8. I love these because they are so useful.

  9. Great guide guys are so tough to buy for! I love the idea of the trunk so neat! Xo C

  10. My to-do list today definitely had an item: google gift ideas for boyfriend! haha thanks for the list of ideas!

    Also check out: uncommongoods.com – they have some interesting things like the all-salt tequila glasses.

    Good luck to all you ladies and readers in shopping for the men 😉

  11. Uhm bacon of the month?!?! Sign me up!

  12. Tickets are always a win for my husband. Bacon of the month sounds like a nice gift for me though!

  13. Josh LOVES Trunk Club! They send great stuff!

  14. Bacon of the month!?! I think that would be more of a gift to myself. Freaking. Love. Bacon.

  15. A subscription to dollar shave club! It’s an awesome company

  16. My hubby is very much a manly man, but he always tells me his two favorite gifts to get are Jack Black skincare products and gift certificates for massages! Lol Another gift I love to gift are those food subscription boxes like Taste Trunk. My dad is a big foodie so he loves gourmet gifts 🙂

  17. This is such a great gift guide! I’m still a little stumped about what to get my husband. We might end up pooling our money and going on a trip together and just getting each other stocking stuffers.

  18. My Dad is the worst to buy for. He isn’t into anything. It’s always hard coming up with something.

  19. Thank you for sharing this. I had not heard of those bottle openers – they are so cool! I think both my husband and my brothers would like those.

  20. My best friend’s dad and stepmom both have the Fitbit Flex and are SO competitive about it. They will literally both mow the lawn the same day or “kindly” offer to walk the boat cover to the garage just to get in extra steps. Cracks me up 🙂

  21. something i would add: stylish leather gloves!

  22. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  23. Guys, they always buy what they want 🙁 so hard to shop for, I ended up going in with my sister to buy my dad and step-dad some more $$$ gifts that they wanted.

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