A Night in V-town

Hellooooooo Smile How’s your Cyber Monday going?? So glad ya liked the gift guide!

I’m in Valdosta Open-mouthed smile


Usually my sanity cries when I drive into this town, but today it felt really, really good.

After hitting up the gym –too late to get a spin bike, so I ellipticized instead- I packed up an overnight bag and my trusty co-pilot.


We came to Valdizzy to see my friends and pick up Viesa’s furry face. She’s been at doggy camp (aka the kennel) since before Thanksgiving. I missed her so much!

Earlier this morning, I enjoyed a glorious creation:

Butternut Sauce

-1 can pureed butternut squash

-garlic, sea salt, pepper, pinch of Stevia

-Almond milk to thin it out

It makes a lovely omelet topping:


(stuffed with goat gouda and arugula + hummus salad)

and a delicious soup:


Side note: if you don’t like brussel sprouts, it’s because you haven’t had them steamed with organic butter, nutritional yeast and sea salt


During the road trip here, I listened to the new Zumba music –I think it’s time to start teaching again- and sipped on the ol’ standard:


(Sun Warrior and almond milk—SW promo has been moved until the end of the week. I’ll let ya know when it’s a go)

an apple

and caffeine:


Small soy latte with 1 pump peppermint. I usually get black coffee but wanted something different today Winking smile My stomach already hurts from the soy, but it was delicious.

We checked into the hotel de Jeni:

jenis house

and I’m about to take Bella to get her shots (sorry, Belly) before dinner with the girls.

Have a great night and I’ll see ya in the morning! <3



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  1. I could go for a peppermint latte right now. Yum.

  2. I’ve been putting nutritional yeast on everything lately!! I will definitely be trying it on my brussel sprouts next time! YUM!

  3. I bet it feels so good to be “home” after all the traveling you’ve done – even if it is just for a couple days!

  4. Wowzas! I’m gonna have to try that brussel sprout technique. I’ve been sauteing them but yours sound delicious… and protein-packed!

  5. I hated Brussels sprouts until I tried 101cookbooks golden crusted Brussels sprouts. You basically cut them in half and cook them in olive oil until they get crusty (and caramelized which takes away most of their bitterness)then top them with your choice of cheese. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.
    I also like to roast them (again with the caramelization) and eat them in a quinoa bowl with lemon juice and olive oil as dressing- along with some browned onion and garlic, Parmesan (or whatever cheese or cheez you like), and a fried egg!

  6. Sometimes you definitely need a “fancy” drink, right? 😉

  7. I love brussels now, but pan-seared with balsamic vinegar!

  8. i hope you have a great time back home! and i’m down with you teaching zumba again…but more videos please 🙂

  9. I should take an adventurous cue from you–I need to try some peppermint in my coffee!

  10. I have totally made that same sauce/spread before, but with goat cheese melted in… delicious! 😀

  11. Hey Gina! Holler if u get a chance for a drink or lunch before you head back. Miss ya. I still haven’t tried Brussel sprouts again yet.

  12. How anyone dislikes brussel sprouts I know not. I’ve never tried them with nooch, but since they’re both delicious on their own, I imagine the combo would be amazing!

    Have an awesome time in Valdizzy!

  13. I always get an americano with almond milk and 1 pump peppermint. 😀 Delish.

  14. I definitely am not a huge fan of brussel sprouts, but the way you made them looks pretty darn good.

  15. So are we ever going to get the rest of that chocolate tart recipe? I want to make the crust, but I decided I better hold off until I get the rest of the recipe. We’d love to see it. Looks delicious. Thanks!

  16. I adore brussel sprouts, but they look even better with the organic butter and nutritional yeast!! Yum!

  17. I love peppermint ANYTHING – especially in coffee/latte, etc. Sooo yummy! Hope you have a good little trip!

  18. Hi, i follow your blog and i love it!!! i also love your shake cup, where did you get it?? is it glass??? it looks very functional. thanks so much, keep up the good work

  19. The latte sounds wonderful and I’ve also been dumping nutritional yeast on everything lately.

  20. I LOVE brussels sprouts. Ive never steamed them though, thats a good idea – easier dishes to wash than roasting too. 🙂

  21. I have only ever had brussel sprouts roasted because I like to mix them with other veggies as well but those look sooo good!

  22. Great idea with the squash topping!

  23. I’ve still never had brussels sprouts – eek! I don’t know if i’m ready!

  24. It’s amazing how we miss something when we don’t have it. 🙂 Bella looks way too cute in that picture.

  25. The food in this post all is just…perfect!

    The Bnut sauce. Yum!
    The coffee changed into a peppermint soy latte looks great (but sorry bout your tummy hurting from it!)
    And i love the answer to if you think you don’t like brussles sprouts it’s because…love that 🙂
    And the Sun Warr and almond milk.

    Simple but perfect food!

    Glad you’re back in Vtown with your sanity in tact!


  26. What a beautiful guest bedroom!

    And does this mean you don’t have to give Viesa away???

  27. Sounds like you have been crazy busy. I don’t know how you do it! Those brussel sprouts sure do look tasty. Speaking of tasty, are we going to get the rest of that chocolate tart recipe?

  28. Hi Gina! I’m a big fan of your blog, and have a question regarding balancing hormones.(mine is a bit off…i think i need more estrogen.) What foods or supplements do you recommend for this?

  29. ooh latte, how i crave thee.

    bella looks like she has a huge smile on her face, so cute!
    aw i’ve missed viesa’s face!

  30. What kind of dog is Bella? She is SO ADORABLE! 🙂

  31. I don’t know how anyone can dislike brussel sprouts, especially when they’re roasted in the oven with EVO until they get crispy. I’ve never tried them with nooch, but I bet that’s good too!

  32. I love how Bella looks like she’s smiling in that picture, adorable!

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