An Ode to: the Denim Blazer

I haaaaaated the denim head-to-toe trend. It gave me horrible flashbacks of the acid wash overalls I wore in kindergarten, with sparkly buttons. When my mom crimped my hair, it was the coolest outfit ever. I just couldn’t do the denim thing again in full force, so I invested in two pieces: a button-up denim shirt (to wear with light and floral shorts + wedge shoes), and a denim blazer, both from J Crew.

latte (2)

It was a little pricey ($158) but I like to think of my clothes as cost-per-wear and I’ve already worn it so many times. Something that costs $200 that I wear a thousand times is a better deal to me than something I’ll pay $40 and it will fade, fall apart, or go out of style quickly.

You can find my blazer love *here* (and happy day, J Crew is doing free shipping on ALL orders right now!).

It’s beautifully tailored and isn’t too heavy- really, the perfect denim blazer that I’ve found.


How I like to wear it:

1. With black dress shorts, a white tank and structured sandals

2. Over a short floral dress with wedge shoes and a cuff bracelet

3. With leggings, a printed tank, flats and fun earrings

4. With light shorts and a longer, textured top, like so:


What’s your favorite classic piece that you own? Did you follow the denim trend?

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  1. I love this look…super cute and totally noticed your blazer in that photo!

  2. LOVE Jcrew Blazers and always thought they were a bit pricey until you put it into perspective 😉 so thanks for that!

  3. I love a tan cardigan. It goes with EVERYTHING! That and neutral pumps.

  4. love that! i am definitely a person who buys fewer things but more expensive things that last. Because i like to find things i love and wear them a lot!

  5. This is a great piece–I’m very tempbted

  6. I love the look of that blazer Gina!

    My favorite classic piece — probably a gray sheath dress — I can change the look with different jewelry or a cardigan over the top. Jason calls it “Old Faithful” since I wear it so often!

  7. Ack! Nice comment eh? Managed to post instead of delete the typos. I have Shrek fingers today apparently.

    What I meant to say was I’m very tempted to get this piece because I know the value. Years ago, I went in search of the perfect jean jacket, and the winner was from J.Crew. I wear it to this day (this exact day, even). Totally worthy investment. Also, I bought a really cute belted version at Nordstrom last month and it goes with EVERYTHING.


  8. My favorite obsession is my black boyfriend blazer. It was also a little more on the expensive side ($180) but it is a piece i can use to dress up a pair of skinny jeans, or shorts or whatever. It was well worth the money.

  9. I also didn’t care for the head-to-toe denim look. I love your blazer and am looking for one similar! I have the problem of a really long torso though, so it’s difficult to find ones that are long enough. My fave clothing items depend on my mood. Some days, it’s Lulu tanks and stretchy pants… other days, it’s my bright-turquoise pumps!

  10. I really like that blazer and that it doesn’t look super stiff like the old versions of denim jackets were. The cut is also super classy! MY favorite classic piece is a pair of black skinnies from Current/Elliott and a white diane von furstenburg oxford – two things that were definitely investments but I wear them to death, so like you said – pennies per wear!

  11. My friends and I just had an “argument” about what is worse with denim-head-to-toe: wearing the same color top to bottom or wearing different color denims. We could not make a decision–it is worse the more you think about it!

    I love that denim blazer and I love J.Crew–I have been considering getting the denim chambray shirt for awhile.

  12. Oh, and my favorite classic piece is my Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 🙂

  13. It’s like you read my mind?! I’ve just been thinking about how I need a classic blazer for spring outfits. Thanks for the tip, Gina! PS, my wallet hates you for always pointing out the fab things that I need to procure 😉

  14. I love your Cost Per Wear theory on buying new clothes. SO true.

  15. My mom works for the company, so I’ve been oogling that blazer since before it came into stores, I love it! I think you’ve convinced me to buy it now 😉

    I have quite a large closet full of J Crew “classic” pieces that I like to mix up with funky colored t-shirts, jewlery or scarves 🙂 Two of my faves are a LBD for both spring/summer (sleeveless) and one for winter (with sleeves)!


  16. I’m also not a fan of the head to toe denim trend. It just reminds me way too much of the washed out denim jacket that I wore when I was younger. However, I think if done the right way… a light denim jacket can compliment an outfit quite nicely. I would still never way more than one denim item at a time though! Love the denim blazer from J Crew!

  17. Love the blazer!

  18. I think you would be one of the few people who could wear head to toe denim and not look ridiculous! I love that blazer, it’s super cute.

  19. As someone who is not as fashion-forward as I would like, you are such a great fashion inspiration! You make up some fabulous outfits!! You Go Girl!!

  20. I looove this blazer! I like denim in small doses too, but sometimes a jean jacket is just too heavy and kind of lame with some outfits. This is too cute. 🙂

  21. When I was 12, I saved A LOT of babysitting money to get a cropped, puffy denim jacket with long, white leather fringe from Fashion Gal. Ahhh that was the coolest thing I owned after my hot pink boom box. The denim jacket I have now is much more structured but I don’t wear it very often because it’s tight when I bend my elbows, making it hard to drive in.
    I think my go-to classic piece is the sleeveless little black dress. Or perhaps jean shorts. I wear both frequently.

  22. I love the blazer for dressing up or down, it’s very chic. I don’t own a denim one but now I feel like I need too! 😀

  23. You can’t go wrong with a well tailored, crisp, white button down. Oh, and a high-wasted pencil skirt. Classy.

    I also love patent leather pumps, in any color, really. I feel they make any outfit look instantly sharp. I’m currently in love with my nude heels.

    I can’t do denim button downs. I don’t know what it is, but I think back to my 3rd grade school picture where I was sporting one with like lace detailing and it was just awful!

  24. Brittany says:

    Yay! I love your fashion page! Your denim blazer suits you perfectly. I wish I could get into the casual blazer concept, but since I wear a suit almost every day, I can’t even bring myself to look at them when I’m shopping. So sad! Yours has me reconsidering, though… 😉

    I can’t name just ONE classic piece, so these are my 5 must-have classic pieces:
    Michael Kors mens watch
    Oversized bag (I <3 the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag, timeless but a tad edgy)
    Tissue-thin white t-shirts
    Nude (patent) pumps
    Trouser-fit dark denim jeans

    • Fitnessista says:

      love my nude pumps too- wear them all the time!
      i hear ya on not wanting to wear a blazer if you wear one all day

  25. Cute blazer!

    Ok and I now realize what’s happening…I was feeling like I was missing posts of yours b/c I am getting 3 a day from you. 2 regular and 1 fashion. But my ‘Reader doesnt tell me the difference until I click on it and realize I am in the fashion tab not the main page. And wasnt missing the “main page” posts. Just was confused for a second 🙂

  26. you just gave me a serious flashback of the denim outfits I wore as a child with my crimped hair – ohhhh my! this denim blazer is way cuter. 😉 I actually got a light denim button up, too! Maybe we should just crimp our hair for good measure….

  27. Love denim blazers! It looks adorable on you!

  28. the blazer is too cute lady!

  29. That blazer is super cute! I have a denim shirt which I love. Its my “weekend shirt” I like to wear it with my white or colored shorts.

  30. Love!

  31. I have a black Tory Burch blazer that I payed 250 for about a year ago and I’ve worn it more times than I can remember. It fits great and goes with everything. LV bags are my favorite investment pieces because they hold value and never go out of style. Oh and my Chanel patent toes wedges that I got for my bday last year are the most classic timeless shoes that I own.

    I am loving your fashion posts 🙂

  32. I love this blazer and your outfit descriptions! I’m glad that you decided to add a specific fashion area to the blog, it’s really fun so far 🙂
    My favorite classic items are sleeveless blouses from Banana Republic. I have about 10 of them and wear them year round, layering over them or under them, and enjoy their timeless prints, floral patterns or solid colors. My typical outfit includes a sleeveless blouse, cardigan or bolero sweater, and tailored jeans. Love!

  33. Haha I can’t stand head to toe denim either. But I love my jean jacket for wearing over sundresses!

  34. love your blazer!! I have denim jacket, but never really wear because do not really know how. I am horrible at fashion stuff…thank goodness for you 🙂

  35. I love my denim jacket but always make sure not to turn my outfit into a Canadian tuxedo! Love your blazer!

  36. Laura J. says:

    I’m a Personal Shopper for J.Crew and the Chambray Shirt and Blazer are always the 2 staples that I recommend to my clients– they are so versatile and a fun twist on your basic button down or blazer. I own both too and wear them often 🙂

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