Valentine’s Workout and Playlist (the non-cheesy version)

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Hi friends! I can’t believe February is just a couple of days away! Keep up the amazing work with Winter Shape Up. I love seeing all of your check-ins (and pics!), so please keep them coming via the hashtag #wintershapeup, the comments, or in our Facebook group. 

Since Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, I thought it would be fun to do a little themed playlist. No Celine Dion ahead; these are some of my favorite non-cheesy love-inspired songs. I also included some cardio guidelines below, and a Spotify playlist, if you’d like to use it for your next workout. 

Valentine workout playlist

(Ok, so “Jealous” probably falls under the “Creepy Valentine” category, but it’s so dang catchy I had to include it.)

All of Me- John Legend (Tiësto remix). Warm up. Take about 5 minutes to find and keep a moderate pace and incline. Take some deep breaths, get into your “zone,” and think about how you want to feel when your workout is over.

Wild Wild Love- Pitbull (feat. G.R.L). Easy tempo work. For the first half of the song, keep the moderate, steady pace. For the second half of the song, go 1-2mph above your base pace and maintain it. Keep incline moderate.

Outside- Calvin Harris (feat. Ellie Goulding). Sprints. Keep your steady pace during the verses, and during the choruses, sprint as fast as you can. Recover in between. 

Pitch Perfect Mashup- Titanium vs. Proclaimers. For the first half of the song, keep a steady pace (or take it down to a walk) and focus on increasing the resistance to a moderate climb (RPE 7 on a scale of 1-10). For the second half of the song (“Titanium”) you are going to decrease the incline to a flat road, and sprint your heart out for the choruses. 

Alone Together- Fallout Boy. Heavy climb. Take your pace down (to a quick walk or easy jog) and gradually start to add incline/resistance. By the end of the song, you should be at your personal max.

Heartbeat Song- Kelly Clarkson. Decrease the incline back to moderate, and find a steady quick pace. Maintain this for the entire song, and use this is a bit of a recovery. 

Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon. Keep your steady pace, and during each chorus, increase the resistance 1-2% until you hit your max. Hold it for 1 minute before decreasing. Repeat for the duration of the song. 

Come Get It Bae- Pharrell Williams. Heavy resistance. Find an incline of RPE 7-8, and hold it, keeping a steady quick walk, or easy jog for the entire song. 

Jealous (The Rooftop Boys Remix)- Nick Jonas. Decrease the resistance back to moderate, and pick up your pace. Every 30 seconds, add .5 to 1mph to your pace. Finish the song at a sprint. 

XO- Beyonce. Slow down your pace to a walk. Start to increase the incline. By the end of the song, hit your personal RPE 9 (1-10 scale).

Stay With Me- Sam Smith. Cool down. Slow down your pace, decrease the resistance. Use this song as an easy song to bring the heart rate back down and recover.

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran. Stretch and/or foam roll. 

To make the image above, it was super simple using my HP Sprout.

Sprout  1 of 1 2

The Sprout enables users to fuse reality with technology, and my very favorite feature is the ability to scan items into high-quality images. I picked up some of the conversation hearts at the drugstore. (Confession: I think these chalky candies are actually very tasty.) Next, I scattered them on the work station and pressed “scan.”

Sprout  1 of 1 3

Next thing I knew, I had images of the hearts, ready to be edited (to remove shadows), sized, and moved around on the workstation.

Sprout  1 of 1 4

Sprout  1 of 1 5

Boom! This took me about 5 minutes, and would have taken about 30 with my usual processes on my laptop. I imported the cute little heart frame into Picmonkey to add the text, and the image was done. For more info about the Sprout, check out my post with a video on how to use it here!

Hope you guys enjoy the workout and playlist!

What’s your favorite over-the-top or non-cheesy love song? I live for anything Michael Buble, but my very favorite is “Home.”

See ya later today with some happenings and a new barre workout!



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