Fall 2016 Playlist and Treadmill Workout

Hi friends! Happy humpday! Hope you’re all enjoying the week. Thanks for the awesome comments on the Thanksgiving turkey post. Let me know if you give it a try!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week over here. Remember how Livi was sick last week? She ended up having pneumonia, which was absolutely terrible. I took her back to the ped because she was still coughing like crazy and not feeling like herself (she had already been twice during the week to check her lungs) and sure enough. Poor little goose. When your baby is sick it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. The good news is that she is feeling so much better, and we’re getting back into our usual groove.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to get some structure into the blog. I feel like I have so many things I want to write about that it’s easy for me to get sidetracked, especially since I’ve been devoted a lot of behind-the-scenes time into the PBB revamp and launch of post baby body advanced. I thought about previous fun things I’ve done on the blog (10 ways…, Indian Food Wednesday!) and thought about making Wednesdays Workout Wednesday.*Throws dumbbell-shaped confetti in the air* It’s not the only day you’ll find fitness content (because you know, fitness blog), but I’ll definitely make sure Wednesday’s post is a beefy gem of knowledge, whether it’s a full new workout, something you can do to get more out of your gym time, best new fitness gear, etc. Basically all the awesome things to take your workout to the next level or get some new ideas/inspiration.

So today I have a new workout for you using my very favorite cardio training method: musical cardio!

Since I teach and have taught so many music-driven classes, I’m a huge fan of letting music dictate the intensity and moves for my workout. I spend a lot of time planning out my playlists for class, and use music in my own workouts for inspiration.

Here’s a playlist for the upcoming season using some of my recent faves:

Fall 2016 workout playlist and cardio workout

(RPE 1= taking a nap. RPE 5= in the working zone, but you could maintain this pace and incline for a long time. RPE 7= challenging. RPE 9= your hardest level in a safe zone. As always, modify as needed and honor your body.)

Here’s a workout to go along with it!

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