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Curried Chicken Salad

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on this morning’s post. It’s not too often that I’ll go out on a limb, but it always warms my heart when you join me out there- thanks for not leaving me dangling 😉 So things are pretty much “back to normal.” It feels good. It was…

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Cheezy Red Pepper Pasta

In my dream world, there would be no hate, no wars, and the environment could repair the damage that has been done over time. Every day would include beautiful and random adventures oh, and noodles and cookies would be calorie-free. Actually, I have no prob with the calories in cookies. Every time I have a…

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Healthy Baked Zucchini Sticks

Steps for trying on bridesmaid dresses: 1. Shop with the bride (of course), but also bring a friend who has a keen eye for fashion and tells you like it is. 2. Try on something that makes you feel like a cast member of Grease or West Side Story, just because you have to. (You…

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Fig, goat cheese + asparagus salad

It’s dance week at work. I always get so excited for dance week because we offer extra classes, taught by professional choreographers and dancers that come stay at the resort, and have a little recital so the guests can perform what they’ve learned. The dance fitness instructors always do a number, too, (this time it’s…

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Lemon-mint lentil salad

I have a not-so-secret for you: I love salads. They are so many possible ingredients, they’re super filling, and an easy way to get in fruit and veggie servings. I prefer making them at home because restaurant salads are often sad, small and wilty. With at-home salads, you can control how sweet/savory/iceberg lettuce-free and beastly…

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Chickpea Cakes with Indian Spices

Last night we had an amazing dinner at Saffron–my favorite Indian restaurant in Tucson. We left in curry-food comas and I was inspired to create my own meal using spices reminiscent of our experience: Chickpea Cakes with Indian Spices Our date night mentality has changed a bit after having a little one. The Pilot used to ask…

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Healthy shrimp fried rice

For real. After being in a little bit of a dinner food rut, I feel like I had my mojo going this week as far as trying new things goes. First the chicken caprese salads, then the tempeh taco lettuce wrap things, and tonight: homemade spring rolls. I used to experiment with dinners all the…

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Red and green quinoa lentil salad

I’m going to go ahead and blame my tiredness on the weather.   46* and raining all day. That’s gotta be it. Almost every day this week, around 6 pm, I’ve hit a wall. I’ve done a pretty good job fighting through it, but as far as cooking/dinner goes, it’s been a little rough. Lots…

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Stuffed bell peppers

I got to see the sunrise this morning.   While I’m not a morning person in the least –I usually wake up around 6:45 or 7, but don’t turn into a human until at least 8- it was surprising to discover that I actually liked waking up so early today. I’m not going to make…

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