Barre-based booty burner

Hi friends! How’s the afternoon going? Hope you’re enjoying the day! Today was an off day from workouts and teaching, and has been gloriously relaxing. I’m making some chili for dinner and excited to watch the Cats play later tonight. MARCH MADNESS is right around the corner! Speaking of March, if you’d like to receive the March workout calendar -I’ll send it out Monday bright and early- be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below.


For today, I have a fun booty burner video to share. I feel like booties are totally the hype right now? It’s interesting to think of all of the body shape trends, but a strong, lifted perky booty, is always a good thing. Glute strength is also critical for everyday motions -think of how often we squat to stand throughout the day- and a strong lower body will increase the faery and effectiveness of your workouts and classes.

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Around the weekend


Hi guys! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one!  Usually after a roadtrip, we would come back and straight-up chill the days following. For some reason, we felt super productive this weekend and got quite a bit done around the house. We emptied out and organized the pantries, grocery shopped and meal […]

12/27: Friday Faves

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24 rules for being a human being in 2014. <– definitely worth a read These cute votive candles. Helps indecisive people like me try a bunch of new fragrances with minimal commitment, and they were a RueLaLa sale. Friday Faves has slowly become “Gina’s favorite candle this week.”  Livi’s Freshly Picked moccs. I’ve been wanting […]

Fancy feet {+ a new Zumba video}


Hiiiii Hope you’re enjoying the week so far! Livi and I had a great day yesterday and last night, I met some friends for yoga. It had been forever since I’ve taken a class, and mannnn, did I need it. My tight hips and quads were crying a little, but some namaste time has them […]

Chicken Cordon Bleu-ish


(More like “chicken cordon goat” but that just sounds weird) Hiiii Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback on our new YouTube channel! Thank you to all of our new subscribers — I’m excited to see the channel grow and post more videos. My legs are STILL sore from Saturday night’s dance party… guess […]

Quinoa Pizza Snack Bites


Some things you may not know about the Pilot: -He minored in Italian -He grew up in Arkansas and Alabama -He’s the third generation of military pilots in his family (His dad and grandfather- pretty incredible resemblance, huh?) -He doesn’t like quinoa… or squash. I knew all of the above facts except for the last […]

Cardiac Cats and Pinner Winners

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I had a feeling I’d be way too zonked to go to the Wildcats game last night. Thursdays can go one way or the other with my teaching schedule- sometimes they’ll be relaxed and passive classes, and sometimes I’ll get surprised with multiple intense teaches, which ended up being yesterday. I taught buff booty, DJ […]

Sock lopsided


Today was a great day, but I think the fact that I forgot a sock gave it a strange feel. While you’re teaching multiple fitness classes, it’s hard to forget that you’re only wearing one sock with your shoes. Didn’t feel very good. This did, though 😉 (coming home to snuggle my favorite girl) And […]

Pretty pizza


Pizza and wine… maybe one of the best combos ever. Hand me a pizookie and it would be my dream meal. Last night, we poured some wine, set out the supplies and made “his and hers” pizzas. The Pilot rolled with garlic and herb crust, marinara, pepperoni and cheese while I made mine with gluten-free […]

Talking Shiba


For those of you who have also been missing your daily dose of Vies, here ya go: Ash and her hubby put that video up last night- the Pilot and I were cracking up watching it. They’ve taught Vies so many cool tricks. Over Easter, they filled Easter eggs with treats, hid them, and taught […]

Breakfast pizza


Two days in a row of seeing the sun rise (it’s amazing what an extra hour or two will give ya in the morning) and this breakfast. I call it breakfast pizza, but it’s more like an unrolled wrap. Same thing 😉 Brown rice tortilla with Dijon spread onto it, 2 eggs, goat cheese, mixed […]

“What are you doing New Year’s


New Year’s Eveeeee?” If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s super cute. They just belong together. Something to look forward to in the New Year? More INDIAN FOOD   As you guys know, my beloved cuisine has taken a backseat to Thai since we haven’t really found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that we’re […]

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